Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

After the Developer Preview, launched earlier this year, and is available Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, you can download to test a prototype version of what will be the final version of Microsoft’s new operating system.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Among the new options now includes Windows 8, include some aggregates that had commented to the passing of the months, but which were not included in the Developer version. For example, the Semantic Zoom: Semantic zooming is searching or moving between groups of applications or subgroups from the start, which is not all as there are more new features, which we show below in a summarized way. Continue reading Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

Windows Vista will be supported until 2017

Good news for those who still are Windows Vista users, since Microsoft has confirmed that the operating system will continue to have support extended by 5 years, specifically to the year 2017, despite the fact that the main support will expire on April 10 this year.

Windows Vista

The extended support will ensure that users of Vista, in Business and Enterprise versions, will be with patches and updates in the field of security, although obviously, will not have updates that improve the functionality of the OS. Continue reading Windows Vista will be supported until 2017

VLC Media Player 2.0: Blu-ray for Mac, 64-bit for Windows and much more

It seems incredible, but the VLC Media Player had not received an update of such caliber from three years ago. The version 2.0 has arrived with many changes, mainly aimed at the users of MacOS X will now have a revamped interface along the lines of iTunes, with a better adaptation to the environment of Lion.

VLC Media Player 2.0

One of the things that motivate some frustration for Mac users is not to be able to play Blu-ray without an external drive or a dedicated player. It seems that this will be definitely back, since version 2.0 of the VLC Media Player will incorporate experimental playback feature of this medium. Continue reading VLC Media Player 2.0: Blu-ray for Mac, 64-bit for Windows and much more

GooReader: The client for Google Books

Google Books is a service that constantly growing continuously and now has a huge number of books and magazines in its catalog. Some of the available titles can be read for free but others, especially in the most recent, must be purchased to enjoy it; but regardless of this web interface leaves much to be desired, so why not make use of an application for enjoy any of our books from the desktop, an application like GooReader.


GooReader is an application that not only lets you browse books while online, but also when switched off. Additionally, you can use the interface to move through the pages of books as well as to enlarge or reduce the text. You can also perform searches and in general is a great option for those who tend to read in small screens. Continue reading GooReader: The client for Google Books