XBMC: A full suite of multimedia playback

XBMC is a complete player for multimedia content that can be the center of playback of movies, music or photos, on a computer that takes the place of home theater.


If you’re thinking about putting all your multimedia content to the TV, with its center in a single player that is universal, XBMC is a great option to consider. As stated on its website, XBMC is a suite for multimedia content and entertainment, but it will be best used if you are putting together your own computer dedicated to be the center of the home entertainment, dedicated to play movies or music without installing any type of codec, since it brings them by default. Continue reading XBMC: A full suite of multimedia playback

Cobian Backup 11 beta: encrypted backups

The popular Cobian Backup has already reached version 11, with new encryption features and some changes in scheduling backups. A good free option.

Cobian Backup 11 beta

The convenience of making backup our data on the computer more or less regularly will save us more than a headache for these coincidences of life disc hard failure or even the file that we need at that moment becomes corrupted, or deleted. For this reason, free tools to perform backups are absolutely essential between the tools that we should have.

One such tool is the free Cobian Backup, which released version 11 Beta. With respect to the version 11 specifically, it adds the peculiarity that the backups can count with 128, 192 or 256 bits, if you wish the support to be as protected as possible. Continue reading Cobian Backup 11 beta: encrypted backups