Superior Alternatives: iTunes

Although iTunes is very popular today, which do not sync with Apple devices are missing it very much, for many more alternatives exist.


To continue on the line of media players on this occasion present the best alternatives to Apple’s best-known development that is iTunes. Surely many will think that there is no better thing than iTunes, because otherwise it is impossible to correct synchronization with branded devices, but if you do not have any of these devices to have iTunes installed is more than a whim.

iTunes is not bad, but using it out of its platform (Mac OS X) brings several drawbacks such as the unnecessary inclusion of branded software such as QuickTime and Apple software updater (not to mention Bonjour). On the other hand, as often happen with Safari, the performance is not satisfactory and in general iTunes is quite slow (compared to OS X). Continue reading Superior Alternatives: iTunes

PickMeApp: How to move software from one computer to another without reinstalling

Reinstall applications is one of the most odious tasks on a computer, as it requires not only simple installation but to add licenses, reconfigure, install plug-ins and much more which will we lose too many hours a day. Although there are several applications (of pay) that allow you to avoid all this, the only free solution so far known is called PickMeApp.


PickMeApp is the complete solution for all those who want to transfer applications from one place to another (from a PC with Windows XP to a PC with Windows 7, for example). Its compatibility seems to have no limits because it supports a wide range of software and the best thing is that you can ‘capture’ an application with only a few clicks. Continue reading PickMeApp: How to move software from one computer to another without reinstalling

Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock

Anyone who used a Mac will know that your operating system is geared towards ease of use, something quite unique in this system is undoubtedly the Dock, it is quite beautiful and functional.

Winstep Nexus

On the other hand, since Windows 7 we have a bar that is intended to provide similar functionality but in fact looks pretty outdated, so that if we have something similar to the Dock of Mac it is best to use something like Nexus.

If you are longing for some time made a decent Dock for Windows in order to change and get rid of a good time on the taskbar Winstep Nexus is for you, this application includes the necessary characteristics to become the definitive Dock for Windows. Continue reading Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock

Superior alternatives to Internet Explorer

Today we talk about the possible applications that can take the place of Microsoft’s web browser, mean Internet Explorer. This browser despite being in the top of use has always been criticized and recently accepted by the most knowledgeable and related technology.

Internet Explorer alternative

First, must say that Internet Explorer is not so bad, in fact, in the version number 9 received several adjustments that make it an outstanding competitor, especially in security issues. However, IE has always had a serious problem as it is updated later and therefore seems to be a bit old when compared with other browsers. Continue reading Superior alternatives to Internet Explorer

Superior alternatives to: Windows Media Player

Today we talk about the best alternatives to the media player included in the operating system; in other words, Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player

As we have seen through this post, most of the applications that come by default are the most used, especially for novice users and the Media Player is not far behind. However, this piece of software has a few problems such as its low media format support and an interface that appeals to few. Continue reading Superior alternatives to: Windows Media Player

When your hard drive becomes unrecoverable

It has happened to all: suffer the unpleasant experience that one day of these Windows or Linux or the operating system that we have, to an unrecoverable error, strange and incomprehensible, and that our computer can not load the operating system.

hard drive becomes unrecoverable

There are tools that can be responsible for correcting errors, if we can still get into Windows, as well as Linux distros that are specially made to correct any problems with the hard drive.

Although the Windows Recovery option is recommended by many specialized sites, the truth is that rarely can correct the problem, on the contrary, the disc in question may be worse than before, according to the magnitude of the errors. Continue reading When your hard drive becomes unrecoverable

GC Star: The program for collectors

Collecting something is a habit that can transform into something serious if we do it compulsively. If you are a compulsive collector, you’ll quickly realize that at some point you have no idea of what you have in your collection.


Cataloging programs have always been popular, but many are extra. However, GC Star is open source, it can be run on Linux or Mac OSx and is one more than attractive possibility for rising control of a collection of many things, and it can also manage and catalog books, games, stamps and many other items.

Like other programs of this type, can show information for each item, because it can connect to the Internet. If we look for full-screen photos, posters or trailers, along with the film, this is not the right program, since the interface is quite understated, with only the data of interest. Continue reading GC Star: The program for collectors

Microsoft also gets into the world of eBooks

Electronic books are gaining places by leaps and bounds really, thanks to the popularity of reading devices that are being sold at a rate higher and higher. As a result, major publishers in the world do not want to miss out on the competition with Amazon and Kindle and prepare to meet them.

microsoft Nook

One that competes head to head against Amazon is Barnes & Noble, one of the largest publishers in the world. Recently, it has unveiled the idea of partnering with Microsoft, in an alliance that clearly benefits both parties as to the presence within the world of digital books. Continue reading Microsoft also gets into the world of eBooks