CoolNovo: Chrome fork with extras such as IE Tab, mouse gestures and more

As you know Google Chrome is based on open-source project called Chromium, perhaps the creation of Google is the most popular; however there are other browsers that offer even more possibilities as it is the case of CoolNovo.


One of the principal advantages of CoolNovo is that this browser has the possibility of power render correctly any web site, all thanks to the IE Tab extension. The inclusion of a feature like this expands the compatibility of the browser and allows us to stay away from Internet Explorer. Continue reading CoolNovo: Chrome fork with extras such as IE Tab, mouse gestures and more

Available Clementine Player 1.0: Support for Grooveshark and Spotify

Clementine, the cross-platform open source player inspired by Amarok 1.4 has finally reached version 1.0. After many months and after a variety of previous versions, Clementine comes as a solid alternative to the existing music players.

Clementine Player 1.0

One of the great things that have come in version 1.0 is integration with streaming services like Grooveshark, Spotify and Imported. Clementine now not only is designed to play music stored on your computer’s hard drive, but it also works as a recipient of a wide range of radio stations on the Internet. Continue reading Available Clementine Player 1.0: Support for Grooveshark and Spotify

Automatix2: install and uninstall Ubuntu applications

Automatix2 is a very easy tool to use with which we can install and uninstall all applications for distros based on Debian, and Ubuntu so easily and without any problems.


Automatix2 also has several features and functions such as install/uninstall most popular applications that are available under Debian, as well as its components and all its drivers, codecs, and also its dependencies and all this with the simplicity of its graphical interface.

Ndiswrapper: WiFi drivers for XP in Linux

ndiswrapper is a big utility, because with it we will be able to install the drivers of XP to Linux without any problem, since ndiswrapper will allow us to wrap the drivers of Windows XP in such a way that it could work in Linux environment.


Ndiswrapper also has several tools that facilitate the installation of the drivers from XP to Linux, because in this way it is the only option to run the wireless cards that initially do not have native support for Linux.

Facebook thinks of buying Opera Software

Facebook, the social network with greater acceptance in recent times, might be thinking of buying Opera Software, developer of Opera, Opera Mobile for phones and PCs, and Opera Mini: confirmed this purchase the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg would have its own browser.

Opera software

The idea of buying Opera Software could become a reality thanks to the success that Facebook has, since this has allowed it to have a liquidity pretty good, after having left in the bag with an approximate value of 32.595 million euros, about $41,000 million.

If the transaction will take place, from Opera at the hands of Facebook, the Organization of Palo Alto became a big enough company to compete with giant Internet companies that have their own web browsers such as Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome) and Yahoo. Continue reading Facebook thinks of buying Opera Software

Bluefish: programming and web design

Bluefish is a powerful utility with which we can program, so we can also edit web pages very easily and without any problems.


Bluefish also has several features and tools with which we can open, edit and create files in the most popular languages, so we can also create applications or web pages, plus the best of Bluefish is that we will have available a side panel along the browser for files and so gain access to predefined codes

TestDisk: check and retrieve partitions

TestDisk is a useful and powerful tool with which we can verify and recover partitions our equipment that we thought lost.


In addition to TestDisk account with various tools and options, with which we can check and recover partitions, since it works with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, Linux, Linux swap, NTFS, BeFS, UFS, JFS, XFS, and Netware. Continue reading TestDisk: check and retrieve partitions

HitmanPro Alert is another good Trojan detector

HitmanPro Alert is an add browsers and a process that works by detecting trojans or potential threats to your computer.


Protections against Trojans are never sufficient to have a secure system that not us of a nasty surprise when least expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to test different programs of detection to make sure that we do not have the infected computer, in the case of the antivirus or other security program that we have installed does not give the results we want. Continue reading HitmanPro Alert is another good Trojan detector

eyeOS: operating system

eyeOS is a great tool easy to use, but overall very good, because with it we can manage all our documents, as well as all our personal information without any problem, since it was created to be a personal desktop manager.


EyeOS also has various features and applications that help us to work with, such as Document Manager, a calendar, a navigator, text editor, a web browser, a calculator, an internal messaging client, a panel of configuration among many other things, which gives us this great operating system.

BitDefender Linux Edition: antivirus program

BitDefender Linux Edition is a powerful utility, with which we can maintain the security of our system, since it is a great antivirus that protects us from any potential threat we want to log into our system without our authorization.

BitDefender Linux Edition

BitDefender Linux Edition also boasts several features and options, since it is a very effective and powerful, great program that protects us from threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms and other pests harmful to our system, also can scan our system in search of threats, so, locate and destroy the viruses found in our system.