AirDroid: how to manage your Android without cables

AirDroid is a superb application that gives us the opportunity to connect connect our mobile phone with Android with any computer regardless of its operating system, since the connection is made through the network. The fact an application must have all Android users.


On many occasions when we need to transfer content from our mobile device with Android do not have the appropriate USB cable for the connection process, however, there is a way to access from wireless, this is called AirDroid.

With AirDroid we have the opportunity to access and to control our mobile phone regardless of the operating system, as it is compatible with Mac and PC (Windows or Linux) in fact only requires the free application and of course an Internet connection. Continue reading AirDroid: how to manage your Android without cables

RightInbox: how to add notifications and reminders to Gmail

RightInbox is an extraordinary extension for Gmail that is automatically configured to be able to schedule the sending of e-mails, but not only that it also gives us the opportunity to follow up on the emails that we send so we can know if he read, what time and where.


RightInbox is an awesome extension for Chrome and Firefox that will allow us to extend the capabilities of our Gmail email account. The extension when it is launched for the first time the program would allow the sending of emails, but now RightInbox does much more and has added even more useful features such as: e-mail tracking, tracking of clicks on the links and reminders by email. Continue reading RightInbox: how to add notifications and reminders to Gmail

Top 5 alternative browsers

We normally use Firefox, Chrome or Opera as alternative browsers on the web but there are many other interesting options which give us a unique and quite fast, so here we present 5 alternative browsers that have great potential to be used by the person who so desires.


K-Meleon is possibly the best known of this list but that’s because this browser is extremely fast, lightweight and configurable. K-Meleon uses Gecko (Mozilla) engine and has support for tabs, supports multiple profiles and can be expanded with some plugins. Actually an interesting option if you want to surf at full speed on Windows.

Although Rekonq is only compatible with Linux (used much on KDE), this browser is quite beautiful as well if you look like the interface and also navigate at high speed (one of the fastest) this can be a great option. In addition, Rekonq offers support for webapps and synchronization of data, only weakness is that sometimes it is something unstable but the version 1.0 will come out soon. Continue reading Top 5 alternative browsers

What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?

Beta versions of IOS 6, the new OS to be released next fall, limit the number of applications that can be installed on a single device. According to developers, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will become unstable in iOS 6 with some 500 applications until the moment that can not even boot with the installation of some theoretical 1000 applications in total.

iOS 6

According to the news, Apple was aware of the problem but had not put hands to the work to get a solution, because “the number of devices that may have more than 500 applications are too few” (only for the iPhone can be found approximately 700 applications in the Apple Store). Continue reading What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?

Create a knowledge base Software

The purpose of a knowledge base is modeled by computer and store a set of knowledge, ideas, concepts or data and to permit their consultation/use.

knowledge base Software

There are several different methods for creating knowledge base software:

  • A Wiki
  • A CMS
  • A mindmap
  • A concept map
  • An expert system
  • The format “forum”

The wiki is useful for linking together many small pieces of unstructured information (typically a paragraph to a page). Hyperlinks are an essential element of wikis. Continue reading Create a knowledge base Software

NUIverse: Microsoft tool to ‘travel’ through the universe

Microsoft has always been characterized by offering different software options to support education. While one of his emblems is no longer available (Encarta), the Redmond company continues to innovate in education areas as it is the case of their development for Microsoft Surface 2.0 called NUIverse, a very interesting application that allows us to interactively explore our universe.


The software used has the ability to display up to 100,000 stars in real time, also thanks to the qualities of Surface we may use different multi-touch gestures to make different changes and adjustments as well as to navigate quietly through the application. It should be noted that NUIverse not limited to show the universe, but also a very practical tool to simulate travel to other galaxies and by allowing use of labels, studying every aspect of the stars, and much more. Continue reading NUIverse: Microsoft tool to ‘travel’ through the universe

QuickPlay: Plays video up to 4K

The new version of this very good video player has been given to know, with the possibility that QuickPlay already has support for movies made in 4K resolution. This is approximately 3656 to 4096 horizontal pixel resolution.


As background, comments that many manufacturers such as IBM, Sharp, Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic have introduced not only 4K monitors and televisions, but also cameras to record this resolution, so that the format will be as popular in the future as the 1080 or 720. Continue reading QuickPlay: Plays video up to 4K

Anti-twin: Find duplicated files on Windows

Anti-twin is a very powerful tool that allows you to find duplicate files on your computer in order to remove them and to gain disk space.


If you download just about everything you see on the internet then you have secure full disk duplicate file, although for many this is not a problem, if you have little storage space the computer could run unsteadily and also find duplicate files is a mess. However, everything can change if we use a specially designed tool to find duplicate files, an application such as Anti-Twin.

Anti-Twin is a free (for personal use) that allows a fairly simple way to find each and every one of the duplicate files and then remove them and thus gain disk space. Thus, to perform the search, first we will have to specify the directory that we want to examine, in addition to that, you have to configure the search parameters to make it more effective. Continue reading Anti-twin: Find duplicated files on Windows

Sleipnir: Browser for users of smart phones

Sleipnir is a browser that can maintain some communication with smart phones. Sleipnir, the only web browser that can be linked with smartphones has received an interesting update; this has been added to WebKit engine that is also used by web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Arora, Midori, Rekonq and many others.


This means that now there will be support for Google Chrome extensions and also be able to use Internet Explorer engine which is still integrated.

So we need to download the application in our mobile, so when we want we can send the information required to our smartphone.

Among the possibilities are:

  • Send a phone number to your mobile phone to make use of it
  • Submit a website to your smartphone to open it from there

Continue reading Sleipnir: Browser for users of smart phones

Lunascape: The browser with three engines

Lunascape is another alternative browsers who circulating on the network. However, the difference of Lunascape with the rest of it is that you can make use of the three most popular navigation engines: Trident, Gecko and WebKit.


For example, Lunascape can visit websites where we have some rendering problems or error messages and where we can quickly change browser engine and shift to “another browser”. The idea is that Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari are all available and at the same time, within Lunascape. Continue reading Lunascape: The browser with three engines