Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter: Convert a web page to PDF

There are particular cases when we need to convert an entire website to a PDF file, although it is not the cases that are too common in the daily use of a PC. Fortunately, however, we can find a program for specific application and one of them is Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter.

Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter

The application not only convert an entire web page to PDF, but also convert all links on the site and be able to distinguish the frames, but not have control over some other missing features, such as encryption of files or other modifications who want to enter into the final result.Continue reading

Trinity Rescue Kit: Linux antivirus for Windows

Sometimes when a Windows computer has been attacked by one or more viruses, it may be impossible to delete them from Windows; it has reached the point where the computer does not start. But the solution to these extreme cases comes from the Linux side, with relief distributions created to eliminate viruses.

Trinity Rescue Kit

We refer to one specific, Trinity Rescue Kit, a small distribution made in Linux, that we are going to serve almost perfectly to clean any virus “rebel” that we want to play a nasty trick on our computers. As a distribution that can run from RAM and not in use the system files required for Windows to run (likely to be infected) can clean the disc without any problem.Continue reading

Earth Alerts: follows the evolution of climate and natural phenomena from the computer

Earth Alerts is a program that works by delivering data and real-time forecasting of climate, weather, alerts and even probable natural disasters, such as tracking hurricanes and tsunamis.

Earth Alerts

To use the program within its full potential we must choose a specific area of the world to start the program to give updated data from various data feeds in the network. Data are presented on various styles of reports, maps and images.Continue reading

BitDefender Windows 8 Security: First antivirus for Windows 8

BitDefender has announced the availability of a new version of its antivirus that has the name Bitdefender Windows 8 Security. Obviously this software comes fully renovated to resemble the new interface of Windows 8 and according to the company is “the first antivirus for Windows 8″.

BitDefender Windows 8 Security

Of course there is a lot of antivirus compatible with Windows 8, but that Bitdefender is claiming is that this is specifically designed for the new operating system.

One of the key points of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is integration with the Early Launch Anti-malware Microsoft (ELAM), this means that the security of our computer is always guarantees because the service will run before the boot drivers to avoid possible infections.Continue reading

Opera: a good browser with many problems

Unfortunately from version 12, Opera has been transformed into a browser that hangs every five minutes and with which it is impossible to use certain sites (like Opera with Grooveshark). Two updates that have arrived later, have done little to solve these problems and now is the third update, 12.11 version.

opera browser

The truth is that operates like a lot. It is the lightest of all (although not the fastest) browser, does not consume tons of memory like the others and starts up very fast. However, when we already have it in operation, the story is completely different. In a browser that could steal to Chrome the first place, if their developers propose is, we go to a browser that deserves to be almost in last place in number of users.Continue reading

Contig is a defragmenter for files or folders

If there is one of the tasks that all good windows user should do from time to time, is the defragmentation. Through it, organize the files in such a way that does not remain fragmented in different regions of the disk, but in a contiguous space to facilitate the access to them, and therefore improve the speed of access to the hard disk.


The problem in certain drives much capacity, with many files, is that defragmentation can take a considerable time. We are talking hours of downtime in certain cases. However, there is the possibility to defragment individually files or folders, with all its internal directory of sub-directories, using a small program called Contig.Continue reading

Google Maps and Google Earth are updated with more recent images

The services of Google Earth and Google Maps have been updated with more recent images of various places and regions of the world that have updated their database of images, which had some years above in many cases.

Google Earth and Google Maps

The new images that are included are from the aerial imagery, until the view to 45 degrees, as well as the satellite photos to much greater altitude. New pictures covered in total to 164 cities and 108 countries, it is already renewing its bank of photos or with more detailed new images of new places.Continue reading

Spotify introduces its web player

Unlike the majority of programs and services that we find on the net, Spotify has started first with its application for desktop, followed by its web application. After several years of uninterrupted service, the music streaming service reveals the web service available for all the supported devices.

Spotify Web Player

Curiously, the web application does not have much similarity with the desktop application. We will have four distinct sections: the playlists, radio, the new and additional controls.Continue reading

BlackBerry Messenger will now make free calls

BlackBerry Messenger has been one of the most successful communication services on mobile platforms so much before it arrived WhatsApp was the service we all wanted to have in our mobile.

BlackBerry Messenger

Now, just before the launch of BlackBerry 10, has launched a beta version of what will be BlackBerry Messenger 7.0, the latest version of the instant messaging service which will include a very important feature: free voice calls through Wi-Fi.Continue reading

Linux Mint launches version 14 RC “Nadia”

Linux Mint has become a leading force in the Linux world, Ubuntu can not even bend. Based on Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” has appeared for download, in its latest Release Candidate version named Nadia, with the desktops Cinnamon or MATE.

Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"

While the desktop Cinnamon happened to version 1.6 of Gnome, MATE premieres his new version 1.4 within Mint. Those who prefer desktops KDE or XFCE versions of Mint, will have to wait a few more days, as the version that includes these desks come in December.Continue reading