Media Player Classic Black Edition stable and ready for download

While Media Player Classic has been one of the most used programs to view multimedia content, has never been among the most recognized and the most widespread as it could be projects such as the VLC Media Player. However, the Media Player Classic Black Edition already reaches the version in stable and is ready for download.

Media Player Classic Black Edition

This Media Player Classic version is no more, but it has some interesting additions. The first thing to say is that you can have a preview of the movie content using thumbnails. That is, if you want a particular point of the movie, you will not have to go all the video in search of the scene you want, but it can be done through thumbnails to display for each frame (as does YouTube in some videos).Continue reading

Google and YouTube cleaned the house before year-end

Both Google and Youtube have started a “cleansing operation” of their online services. In the case of YouTube, have been cleared more than 2 billion views that have proven that they were caused by automatic methods. Google side, the cleaning has begun much earlier, erasing about 50 million search results will point to pirate content.

google clean the house

YouTube has found that certain individual and corporate users have tried to “inflate” the results of page views. Therefore, it has eliminated a lot of visits from the channels of the record companies Sony, Universal, RCA were detected with fraudulent visits.Continue reading

Lockscreen Pro: Blocks the computer from unauthorized access

If we are sharing our computer with more people, or even if we have to move away from the momentarily and do not want to turn it off, there is a chance that other people want to access it for purposes that are not exactly good. To guard against the unauthorized access, we can lock it with a tool called Lockscreen Pro and unlock it using a password or connecting any USB to act as the key.

block computer

The part that interests us most about this application is the configuration screen, where we can change the password previously set by the program, placing a wallpaper photo, monitor the movements of the mouse or even take a picture of the intruder; the photos can be both of those who are trying to unsuccessfully tried to gain access to the computer, and those who somehow achieved access using the correct password.

To unlock it by connecting a USB, we must first set up the USB to save the unlock file, which is done without too many problems through the Lockscreen Pro configuration. Once done, just simply plug it into any port to gain access to computer.

The program has some own images you can use to lock your computer, besides giving us the opportunity to put any other. In addition, it will take a file of all attempts to access with a photo for each one, taken via webcam.

ShortcutsMan: clean shortcuts program that you do not have installed

One of the worst things that Windows is the poor organization of installed programs that gets worse if you are one of those who install zillions programs. Instead of installing everything in one folder for each program, spread a lot of files in different locations.


The same problems of bad design have certain uninstaller that does not completely eliminate all traces of the program, but they leave behind folders, DLLs and shortcuts. Fortunately there is a solution and a program called ShortcutsMan.Continue reading

Opera 12.12 is now available

Opera users can start celebrating, because a new version of your favorite browser is available, specifically the Opera 12.12 version has made the jump to the stable branch.

Opera 12.12 version

This update is recommended for all because it adds stability and improves browser security is why those who want to be free from attacks via exploits should upgrade immediately.Continue reading

GParted unveils its latest stable version

If you have not ever used GParted to solve several problems with the partitions on your disk, you should do it at least once. GParted is a tool that not only will show graphically how hard drives divided by partitions, but may also be able change the size, copy and move partitions without losing data, at least in theory, as it is recommended to backup data before putting hand in the partitions.

GParted new edition

This excellent tool gets to the stable version 0.14.1, where we will find improvements to correct some errors in the previous version, in addition to adding more languages. GParted can be used as a Live CD, so it’s practically an entire operating system dedicated to manage partitions.Continue reading

Windows Live Mesh ends on February 13

From next February 13, Windows Live Mesh will cease to exist. Microsoft has informed service subscribers to be passed to SkyDrive, although some of the basic features of Live Mesh will not be retained.

Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh is a tool created to share files between Windows and Mac OS X, in addition to providing remote access. It had started to operate in April 2008, after that Microsoft will do with the property of FolderShare, purchased ByteTaxi Inc, being improved later by Microsoft.Continue reading

Adobe Reader for Windows 8 is now available

Yes, Adobe has just released the official Adobe Reader app for Windows 8. As it has happened with other applications, this new version of the PDF reader more used comes with a full integration with Windows 8 and Modern UI.

Adobe Reader for Windows 8

Something that might not appeal to some users is that Adobe Reader for Windows 8 puts all the emphasis on the reading portion, this means that the program really has few options and also uses a form of display documents similar to the one know in the version for Windows Phone.Continue reading

Google will not develop native applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Google does not plan to develop future applications dedicated to Windows 8 or Windows Phone, according to a senior executive of the company, since “users have shown a lack of interest in such systems”.

google and windows 8

Clay Bavor, director of Google Apps, says the company will remain focused on getting specific applications for iOS and Android, so for now all the projects of Windows 8 or Windows Phone will remain suspended.Continue reading

Yahoo unveils a total renovation of its webmail service

Yahoo reported new applications for iPhone and Android, as well as a new interface for the PC version of its mail services, which now are faster and easier to navigate

yahoo applications

New versions for tablet and mobile mail service of Yahoo and an enhanced interface for desktop computers, has been the announcement made by the American company. Yahoo has been one of the most popular companies on the network a few years ago, even though their service of mail is placed third in popularity according to ComScore.Continue reading