YouTube Options for Chrome: extension that enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube

If you are regulars to watch videos on YouTube every day, you know that this site has many ‘discomfort’, or things that do not really provide much. So this time we want to present an extension for Chrome called YouTube Options for Google Chrome that will be possible to eliminate advertising, annotations, comments, recommendations and more.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome

Although through different extensions you can modify the appearance and the feature of YouTube, YouTube Options is the holistic approach that will allow us to modify what we always wanted, and all with a few simple clicks. Continue reading YouTube Options for Chrome: extension that enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube

Skype is the target of new virus

If it was before thing of every day for users of Messenger to see how appeared strange messages with even more strange links, now the path taken before the new viruses that were directed to Messenger, reaches to Skype.

skype virus

What before was the target of choice for the links that were hiding malicious code, it has changed now, thanks to the new implementation of Skype as a program of messaging, chat, video chat and phone calls. Since Microsoft announced that Skype would replace Messenger, the viruses targeted at Skype have escalated. Continue reading Skype is the target of new virus

Facebook for Android now allows to send voice messages

The Facebook application for Android has always stood by offering some advantages with respect to their sisters’ applications and its last update was not the exception as now in version 2.1 includes new features and improvements to photo viewing experience.

facebook for Android send voice messages

After version 2.0 was regarded as the fastest to date, version 2.1 adds faster to load photos on social network thus overcoming one of the problems that users pointed. In addition we have implemented the function to send voice messages, a feature previously only available in the Facebook Messenger application. Continue reading Facebook for Android now allows to send voice messages

SyncBox: Keep all your files in the cloud

SyncBox is a file backup service in the cloud like Dropbox, which will enable us to save on external servers all types of files. The installation of the service involves downloading the Syncbox Server program and then the client, of which there are versions for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Android and iOS.


The interesting thing about Syncbox is that offering “terabytes” of storage capacity without paying a single penny, although on its website does not mention how many terabytes we are talking about. Continue reading SyncBox: Keep all your files in the cloud

The myth of Linux and 1%

Every time you mention some percentage that refers to the use of all major operating systems, you will have seen that Linux is no more than 1%, sometimes even less. Have you ever wondered why Linux always appears with a percentage that would lead us to think that does not use or family of Linus Torvalds?

myth of Linux

We assume that Linux is not as a mainstream OS such as Windows. We have mentioned many times that the power of Windows is unsurpassed marketing, coupled with the fact that it is installed on almost all computers sold in the market. If you buy a new computer, it is more likely to come with Windows. This leads people to prefer it because it is the OS that has always used, in part because each computer has ever bought came with Windows already installed. However, Linux has more than 1%, as show after the jump. Continue reading The myth of Linux and 1%

MalwareBytes Chameleon: a search engine of malware camouflaged

Some viruses have the ability to prevent the installation of an antivirus or block any antivirus program that you have installed on your computer. Virus infection can be made ​​to override any attempt to clean the system, so it can block new installations of cleaning programs or even cancel any program that was previously installed.

malwarebytes chameleon

If until now the only way to solve this problem was directly format and install Windows from scratch, now we will have a program that will allow us to at least make one last attempt: Malwarebytes Chameleon. Continue reading MalwareBytes Chameleon: a search engine of malware camouflaged

Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail

Boomerang comes as a browser extension that is available for both Firefox and Chrome. Its purpose is to increase our productivity with the use of email through three main functionalities: tracking emails that have not been answered, sending email to a particular time and reminder emails that need attention in the future. Let’s look a little more each of these features.


Get an idea of how helps scheduled mail functionality is simple. If you did not use any extension, Gmail shows the button ‘Send’ to send the mail immediately. Continue reading Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail

Available Google Chrome 24

Google announced that it is now available the version 24 of its popular browser, with changes that enhance a aspect that most of us interested in: speed. While automatic update has not yet begun, the Internet giant already has online for anyone who wants to download it.

google chrome 24

The browser version 24 includes changes in Flash, specifically an update, in addition to bug fixes, support for MathML (to the end) and “dramatic improvements in speed”, but Google has not specified exactly what it has done for that 24 version is faster than the previous ones. Continue reading Available Google Chrome 24

Messenger is dead, long live Skype

If you have a Hotmail account and still you have not received an email warning that March 15 is the last day of life the legendary Messenger, wait for it to arrive anytime. And that is Microsoft has chosen this day to the death of Messenger, which had already been brewing for a few months.

skype and messenger

The instant messaging service that gave the old Messenger will be replaced by the Skype service. We should remember that Microsoft purchased the Skype service in 2011, so it will now want to take advantage of its new acquisition. The problem is that Messenger users already did raise their voice of protest, with some fairly valid reasons. Continue reading Messenger is dead, long live Skype

aTunes: minimalist audio player

aTunes is one of those free programs for multiple platforms that are worth using. Although the interface is not too elaborate and could even say it has a touch retro, aTunes is a minimalist player that supports lyrics display, Last FM and streaming radio, as well as synchronize with portable devices.


As usual, the program asks us to drag all the folders of our computer in search of music. We can bypass this step, if we so desire, in order to find ourselves with a simple interface, but that does not vary much among so many other audio players. We will have repeat modes, playlists, album art, tags and support for radio and podcast. Continue reading aTunes: minimalist audio player