Google wants to remove the top black bar

Those who remember how was the Google homepage until a couple of years, also remember that there was the familiar top black bar, from which you access the Google mail, images, YouTube, etc.. Subsequently, the last change made by the company imposed us the black bar and it’s been two years already.

google new navbar

Well, now Google is testing a new version of the world’s most visited site. In the new version, again the black bar is removed, replaced by an icon that looks like a grid. Clicking that icon will deploy a popup menu with the options we now have in the top bar. Continue reading Google wants to remove the top black bar

AccountKiller erases your subscriptions to various online services

If you are one of those who are subscribed to many online services and you start to think about how many of them actually use daily, you will realize that you do not use even a tenth of them. At this point, only it stays to dismiss us in each one, to avoid to continue to have in their possession our personal data and even financial.


The unsubscribe process, some requiring multiple steps in where we have to fill out forms or jump from link to link. Of course, if we find, as some hide these links as a treasure. Similarly, in some cases we have to give up explanations of why we drop. With AccountKiller the drawback is solved, allowing us to give us down all services, all from one place. Continue reading AccountKiller erases your subscriptions to various online services

Google launch this summer its music streaming system

For those who believe that the landscape of web sites that broadcast music via streaming, like Pandora or Spotify, is populated enough, now comes a new proposal for Google to stir up the hornet’s nest. Apparently, Google does not want to stay out of the business, so it would be in negotiations with record companies to launch its own service.

google music streaming

The news is not yet publicly announced by Google, so even unofficial, since just about assertions from “external sources” the Financial Times newspaper and Bloomberg business site. Continue reading Google launch this summer its music streaming system

Microsoft unveils Lync 2013

Lync 2013, a collaborative tool that provides enterprise-level features such as VoIP or video over IP. There will be versions for iOS or Windows Phone next month, a port to Android in April and the arrival of the iPad versions and integrated support for Skype in a few months.

Lync 2013

Lync consist of software and hardware integrated, developed by Microsoft partners and optimized to join video conference open from Lync. Other new features for video conferencing is Lync Room, which will facilitate the task, without any kind of technical problems (in theory) because the settings will be automatic. Continue reading Microsoft unveils Lync 2013

Fabar Service Scanner: A great tool for network troubleshooting

When at last we finished cleaning a virus, those carrying days remove, probably appear other problems. And is that the damage that caused the virus was so widespread within the system files and registry, it is not strange that suddenly do not want to connect computer to the Internet, among other problems that have been observed.

Fabar Service Scanner

Why is this? State because the battle against the virus and the performance of the same virus is loaded system files or alter the registry in a way that it is impossible to make the computer work normally, and then disinfect. Among the most useful tools that have discovered recently, is Fabar Service Scanner. Continue reading Fabar Service Scanner: A great tool for network troubleshooting

Skype launches video messages beta service

After we learned with amazement that Skype already nuclear one-third of international calls, now receive the news that Microsoft’s messaging service, called video and VOIP that will replace Windows Messenger, now begins a testing stage where you can send messages in video calls.

skype launches video messages

The testing period will begin in beta in the U.S. and Britain, only for users of Android, iOS and Mac and will be able to send video messages to other Skype contacts, which will reach your message box for viewing later. Continue reading Skype launches video messages beta service

Microsoft wants to overtake the output of IE10 for Windows 7

Undeniably, Windows 8 had a beginning and not too promising as optimistic as Microsoft believed it. Today there is a base of users who use Windows 7 that are still majority, since the most recent operating system of the company has received more criticism than praise.

IE10 for Windows 7

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to sink the accelerator as much as possible and advance proprietary browser version of Windows 8 and the Surface. The version of IE10 for Windows 7, which should have been ready by the end of March, the doors would appear in late February. Continue reading Microsoft wants to overtake the output of IE10 for Windows 7

TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux

Although TeamViewer 8 for Linux is not hundred percent Linux application (with Wine is to be executed), the development team has unearthed this latest version of the popular program for remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer and online meetings, among other features.

TeamViewer 8

Fixed some problems that had emerged in the beta and at least Ubuntu has no errors. But the really important changes have come with the daemon, which makes it possible to connect to another computer on the login screen, without it being necessary for the other user is currently connected. Continue reading TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux

How Using Magento Software Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO is very important if you want to ensure that your online store is ranked highly during search engine searches. The more visible you are, the higher the traffic you have to your site. This in turn translates to higher sales and revenues for your online store.

web design software

The SEO process consists of a variety of strategies whose end-goal is to enhance the online visibility you so desperately require if you are to run a successful business. One of the most important strategies is to have a unique website that stands out among the competition. This is where the Magento web design software comes in. Continue reading How Using Magento Software Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Opera: 300 million users and the step to the Webkit engine

Opera Software has been the protagonist two news within the tech world. The first is the announcement that the different versions of the browser have been downloaded 300 million times per month. The second is that Opera will change from rendering engine, adopting the popular WebKit engine.

opera software

Current versions of the browser use an engine called Presto, of self-development. For upcoming releases, change to WebKit engine already used in Chrome, and Safari. The reason for the change is simple, since the presence of Opera on mobile devices is very important, which will attempt to reconcile with the new engine, ahead of Android and iOS. Continue reading Opera: 300 million users and the step to the Webkit engine