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Dbinbox: share Dropbox file with someone who doesn’t have Dropbox

If you have a Dropbox account you know that it is very easy to share a file with someone else, getting a link to distribute according to your convenience. However, if the process is to do the reverse, if a Dropbox user wants to receive a file from someone who do not have a Dropbox… Transfer files between multiple storage sites in the Cloud

Generally the storage services in the cloud and social networks are only limited to transfer files between very specific services, according to the ability that gives each one. That is, between Facebook and Flickr can easily transfer files, but not between Instagram and OpenPhoto or between Picassa and 500px. To solve the problem and integrate…


FTP Software

FTP software is a necessary tool for everyone who connects to a server to exchange files. Some servers may provide services for uploading files but it is not far with software dedicated for file transfer. According experience the best FTP software is Filezilla. This is open source software with GNU license which makes it really…