Appy Geek tech news app presents new version

Mobiles Republic announced the release of a new version of Appy Geek, its app for tracking technology news. This application reaches its Version 4 in which includes new features that will maintain the good assessment on it for users interested in this kind of news.

appy geek tech news app

For those who do not know comment Appy Geek is a free news aggregator that offers content licensed by many of the webs of technology most prestigious such as Engadget, SlashGear, Wwwhatsnew. Appy Geek gives us access to articles from all these media through a fast and customizable interface for each user.Continue reading

Line Call already allows you to make calls to fixed and mobile users of Android

The possibility to make calls to landlines and mobile phones seems a line of clear evolution of instant messaging applications. WhatsApp announced that this year it would have this functionality but Line wants to take advantage and already gives this possibility to Android users.

Line Call

Line Call is the name by which Line has named this functionality. At the moment it is an option that is available in 8 countries (Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines). Users who have registered their mobile number can call at low cost to landlines and users that do not use Line as between users of the application there is a free call option. Continue reading

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure is an Android app that will give the chance to unlock the mobile using the fingerprint. The program makes use of the rear camera, both to store a high resolution picture of the fingerprint, as to carry out the unfreezing.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure

When Apple Touch ID was added as a feature to iPhone 5s last year, many wondered about something similar for Android phones. The answer is not slow in coming, as there are many applications that try to do the same on Android, although in our opinion the best (complete with limitations) is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure. We’ll show you how this application works; you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint.Continue reading

Jelly Bean is still the Android most used in mobiles

Jelly Bean is the Android version used in mobile phones, while KitKat has been in the limelight for several months. The latest version reaches only 1.8%, while Jelly Bean already exceeds 60%. These measurements were performed based on visits to the store, in a space of seven days.

Jelly Bean

Google has released some figures from a study carried out on the basis of visits to Google Play. Though KitKat is the latest robot OS, is one of the least used, almost equaling the percentage of use with Froyo. As for Jelly Bean, it is still the most widely used, with over 60% of the phones that have been measured.Continue reading

Helmut Film Scanner turns your old negatives in photos through your mobile

Do you still have your old negative pictures stored in a drawer? No need to take them to a print shop (if they still exist) to print them in photos. Now you can scan them yourself through Helmut Film Scanner, an application for Android and iPhone.

Helmut Film Scanner

The only thing we have to do our part is to take the negative that we will digitize, place it on a flat surface, more uniform and flat as possible, and take a picture with our mobile, trying to negative to occupy the entire screen and that is as stable as possible. Subsequently, launch Film Scanner and choose the image you want to scan, usually stored in the mobile multimedia gallery.Continue reading

Clueful analyzes the security of your Android applications

Android is the operating system most used in the world on mobile devices, but is also a breeding ground for viruses, malware and security threats. Something undeniable when we risk to download apps outside of the official repositories or the developer page. But even so, although updates onto all of Google Play, there are many applications that are quite insecure and that require permissions to skillful and sinister that many times we attach, without pause to examine one by one the permissions granted.


So if you are one of those who already have many apps installed, it is worth verifying the degree of security offered by each. Clueful analyzes installed apps one by one and tells us what permissions is giving our device. It is also activated automatically when we install a new application.Continue reading

ROCCAT Power-Grid: Control a PC from Android or iOS

The versatility that give us today’s mobile devices, allow us to execute tasks unthinkable only a few years ago. One is to remotely control a PC from a phone. Fortunately, it is possible from Android device or iPhone, thanks to ROCCAT Power-Grid.

ROCCAT Power-Grid

The PC control must have Windows 7 or 8. Among other things, it will be possible to see the state of the PC, launch programs, minimize or maximize windows, control the volume restart or shutdown the system, among other things.Continue reading

Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a is a new and very sophisticated virus for Android

Kaspersky Labs has released a very detailed report of a potentially very dangerous virus for Android operating systems because their performance is “as sophisticated as the best virus for Windows”, according to Russian researchers. The virus is Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a and distributed through links, converting the one or more mobile within a malicious botnet.

virus for android

Invite malicious links download a message sent from a site called Once downloaded, the virus begins to send messages to other contacts, inviting more messages sent from the same site. In short, the virus activates entering the links, so that with a little caution and common sense can avoid infection.Continue reading

Moborobo: The best program for managing Android and iOS phones from your PC

Sometimes we need to backup contacts from Android, transfer contacts saved in the PC to the phone, transfer videos or music to your phone, or simply download an application or send messages without using a bit of our connection plan. For these occasions, Moborobo proves to be the perfect replacement and the best way to manage an Android or iOS device from the PC.


The program not only can manage, but you can get more content from the Internet to your phone. With it, you can download wallpapers, ringtones and applications, thanks to its special sections for such purposes. The network connection may be established via a USB cable to the phone or via wi-fi network, either the computer or device.Continue reading

Google Maps for Android, a New Version

Google has updated its Android version of Google Maps, with some improvements, but also some negatives or those have been included in the last half hour, at the request of users.

Google Maps for Android

Among the new features, we can mention the traffic update in real time, reporting of incidents and re-calculation of dynamic routes. The new look of Google Maps has been renewed, much like Google Now. On the negative side, we mention the removal of the Latitude service and initial possibility to see the maps in offline mode, but Google has released a solution to this.Continue reading