Flash Player comes to solve security issues

If you have been attentive to the recent cracking of the Hacking Team company, then you also know that reference is to the material that has leaked multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. The known plugin, widely used on the network to display multimedia content takes time on everyone’s lips. In fact, some companies are failing to give support due to the inconvenience involved.

adove flash player

Of course, from Adobe they are working on making both performance and security software are maximal. Knowing the last holes that have been discovered, the team has to work in order to launch a new version of the gourd. The numbering is already among us. And we know its goal: Protect users from attacks that are being made. Continue reading Flash Player comes to solve security issues

TorrentTags warns you of the torrents that can be dangerous

Download content using P2P networks is increasingly dangerous. A few years ago we could do it with total disregard. However, the law has progressed and some countries do this is punishable by fines of different amounts. It is clear that many users avoid carrying out the activity.


Of course, there are many groups who are working to bring the contents to peer networks. The bad thing is that behind some of these contents lie the popular anti-piracy companies, dedicated to check the IPs that are downloading files, and then proceeding to fine users. Continue reading TorrentTags warns you of the torrents that can be dangerous

New CCleaner 4 with great improvements

The new CCleaner 4 of the Piriform company is now available for download. It certainly is one of the best programs to keep our computer clean and organized.

new CCleaner 4

This new version incorporates some interesting enhancements that improve performance and help us achieve higher quality results.

The highlights of the new CCleaner 4 are two new features that developers have added to the software. The first one is a duplicate file finder, it will take care of scanning our PC for identical content that occupy disk space unnecessarily. This new module has filters to define which files are included in the search and which are excluded. Continue reading New CCleaner 4 with great improvements

Check out which applications have access to your online information with MyPermissions

Do you know how many applications you have given permission to access your online information services with Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? For if not know the answer you can find it with MyPermissions, an application that has been running successfully for a while, but remember that every day there are new users in a number of online services and is never more advocate for the security of our personal information.


Our website is growing every day and it is common for many applications or services request access to any information of our account. Many times we give for different reasons that can range from taking a course to have fun with a game but periodically should review these permits and revoke access for those applications that have already stopped using. Continue reading Check out which applications have access to your online information with MyPermissions

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure is an Android app that will give the chance to unlock the mobile using the fingerprint. The program makes use of the rear camera, both to store a high resolution picture of the fingerprint, as to carry out the unfreezing.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure

When Apple Touch ID was added as a feature to iPhone 5s last year, many wondered about something similar for Android phones. The answer is not slow in coming, as there are many applications that try to do the same on Android, although in our opinion the best (complete with limitations) is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure. We’ll show you how this application works; you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint. Continue reading ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics: check Internet connection with the help of Google

It seems that Google is determined to offer a tool for every need, thanks to the Chrome application launcher. Originally intended as a utility for the Chrome OS, now Windows users may also use Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics, is a program that examines our Internet connection problems.

chrome connectivity diagnostics

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is installed from the Chrome Web Store and displayed in the application launcher that includes Chrome for quite a while. When thrown performs a series of tests on the connection to the Internet, taking a few seconds to complete. Continue reading Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics: check Internet connection with the help of Google

TunnelBear: Smart VPN

The programs and web sites dedicated to VPN allow us skip some limitations in Internet and surf anonymously. While most of these programs have a setup that leaves no room for mistakes, some are harder than others to set up. However, TunnelBear offers interface that does not major problems and some interesting features.


Installation only requires the creation of account in TunnelBear, it only requires your name, password and email address. Everything else is automatically set by the program. The second step is to choose a country to host the VPN and currently only has the options of USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Japan. Continue reading TunnelBear: Smart VPN

MVPS Hosts: Hosts file modified for safety and privacy

The use of the Hosts file to prevent our computer from connecting to undesirable web addresses is a very old practice that is still used as a security measure to block access to ads and cookies.

MVPS Hosts

The Hosts file is nothing more than a simple text file that the OS uses to resolve domain names. Since the configuration of this file we can prevent certain viruses or malware running, since the same configuration of Hosts will prevent the connection from the computer with malware sources. We can manually edit it ourselves, or avail ourselves of some tool to do it for us, as MVPS Hosts. Continue reading MVPS Hosts: Hosts file modified for safety and privacy

WinPatrol: Full control over Windows

The Windows User Account Control (UAC) notifies us when a program makes changes for our account on the computer, being a very useful safety feature, although criticized by the degree of intrusion that is when we are doing tasks that we know are safe, before UAC prompts have to interrupt what we’re doing to allow changes in the system.


However, some changes are not under the control of UAC, which could go unnoticed by us. WinPatrol is a program that will help us not only to have under control changes that UAC does not detect or not announce, but we can make some additional changes. For example, we can better manage the programs that start with Windows startup, services or changes to the registry, among other things. Continue reading WinPatrol: Full control over Windows

System Mechanic 12 now available

System Mechanic is a very good program for problems on our computer. That is, we make a complete monitored all security issues, files or system problems and even can solve future problems of stability. The Version 12 has arrived with some major changes mentioned below.

System Mechanic 12

System Mechanic 12 now makes use of a new tool that detects and corrects possible errors in the Windows system communications. When some of your files are corrupted, it can produce all kinds of errors and erratic behavior from false alarms and incorrect reports of hardware that is malfunctioning. Continue reading System Mechanic 12 now available