Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones

Universal access to the Internet in such a way that any inhabitant of the world can access the network is one of the main objectives of this century. As large companies like Google or Facebook and get behind projects that are announced are all engineering challenge but when carried out will be a breakthrough for all, it must be said, a good business opportunity for all companies that do business on the Internet.

facebook using drones

If a few months ago, Google’s attempt to bring the Internet to everyone using balloons, this week we have known that Facebook will launch a project with a similar goal and seeks universal access to the Internet in collaboration with Internet.org and using drones.Continue reading

Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player in future installments of the Firefox browser

With the arrival of HTML5, many were those who believed that Flash Player would disappear, without a trace in the history of the Internet. It has not been so, Flash Player is still alive, and although it gives some problems on certain browsers, depending on the operating system that we are talking about.

Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player

The truth is that Mozilla prepares to present at upcoming versions of Firefox to the emulation of Flash. This will consist of an own player which can play JavaScript without having installed any Adobe plugin.Continue reading

More than half of the apps are dead

The world of applications is overly competitive. Thousands are launched every day; they have to contend with the existing ones to be seen, at least. Then they have to appeal to users and these also give them publicity. And besides that you have to perform maintenance of these apps. It is very complicated and therefore more than half are already abandoned.

apps analysis

Applications are considered dead are those who have never been updated and they have less than ten ratings or reviews in the shops of the world’s three most used operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So it is important to update apps regularly. It is very useful for mobile phone application because every month lots of new mobile device released and for these mobile apps should also be updated. If you want to updated your apps contact http://mobidev.biz/.

In total more than 700,000 applications between the three operating systems, with Windows Phone which has a higher percentage with 69% dead applications. IOS followed with 65% and Android with 41%. Continue reading

Microsoft offers up to $150,000 reward to those who detect errors

Microsoft wants to ensure the safety of its latest Windows 8 is free from fault for not giving opportunity to the lesser intrusion of malware programs or external control of the system. Therefore, the company has launched a new rewards program for those detected faults and their possible solutions.


Nothing less than $100,000 will Microsoft deliver those who show a vulnerability in Windows 8. Additionally, for those who submit also the solution to the vulnerability, the company will deliver an additional $50,000, an offer very interesting to get hackers working on the side of Microsoft and not against.Continue reading

The International Space Station migrated to Linux

If until now the astronauts on the international space station NASA had used some laptops with Windows for everyday tasks, NASA has decided to totally radical change, migrate all their laptops on board to Linux, including the operating system of the first humanoid robot in space, it’s Robonaut (R2).

space station

The Linux chosen for this important task has been Debian 6 and despite the fact that Debian 7 is now available, the new variant has not yet received due attention, as do several tests are needed for the new OS is appropriate for the various missions station.Continue reading

Windows 8 could reduce UI interface in future embedded versions

The UI interface (formerly known as Metro) for Windows 8, has generated much controversy. Conceived as an interface for touch devices, the new operating system has not been well received, with a small market share, 4 months after its launch. However, the problems generated by the UI interface could be resolved, the hand of Microsoft itself.

Windows 8 Embedded version

The hope lies in the changes that Windows 8 Embedded version, which would come out in late March; allow users to remove some or most of UI. Such embedded variants are used in contexts where certain features are not needed for an OS to be reduced to a minimum, such as ATM (automated teller machines), suppliers, outlets, computer kiosks or some consoles and video games machines.Continue reading

Google launch this summer its music streaming system

For those who believe that the landscape of web sites that broadcast music via streaming, like Pandora or Spotify, is populated enough, now comes a new proposal for Google to stir up the hornet’s nest. Apparently, Google does not want to stay out of the business, so it would be in negotiations with record companies to launch its own service.

google music streaming

The news is not yet publicly announced by Google, so even unofficial, since just about assertions from “external sources” the Financial Times newspaper and Bloomberg business site.Continue reading

Messenger is dead, long live Skype

If you have a Hotmail account and still you have not received an email warning that March 15 is the last day of life the legendary Messenger, wait for it to arrive anytime. And that is Microsoft has chosen this day to the death of Messenger, which had already been brewing for a few months.

skype and messenger

The instant messaging service that gave the old Messenger will be replaced by the Skype service. We should remember that Microsoft purchased the Skype service in 2011, so it will now want to take advantage of its new acquisition. The problem is that Messenger users already did raise their voice of protest, with some fairly valid reasons.Continue reading

Yahoo! closes some of its services

The fate and progress of Internet technologies has not been too kind to Yahoo!, former ruler of the first search engines and messaging programs. Not have been able to compete head to head with similar competitive products, so slowly the company has begun a steep decline that has not stopped even in more recent times, when the company has started a new policy of renewal.

yahoo close services

As part of this policy, Yahoo! announces it will close some of its services. Specifically, there will be four of their most popular services will close or remain unchanged background. They are, the Yahoo! public chat, Pingbox, interoperability of Yahoo! Messenger with Windows Live Messenger and Phone in and Phone Out service.Continue reading

Outlook has announced new features and 25 million active users

Microsoft strikes back with the announcement that has come to have 25 million active users, while announcing changes to its mail service.

Outlook new features

New features allow archive or save messages to a new folder called “Archive” with a single click. The truth is that so far it was possible to do so quite similar to the tab “Move To” to any folder or category that we created in advance, although the process is a little less direct.Continue reading