Tips for choosing web hosting

Choose appropriate web hosting is one of the most important issues and that is not usually pay due attention when we started a web project.

The “hosting” or web hosting is a service usually offered by specialized companies, which allows us to publish our blog, website or online webapp ensuring their availability and proper operation. Additionally, they tend to offer email accounts, databases, backup and some other more or less interesting services.

choosing web hosting

There are also different types of web hosting. The most common and economical is the shared hosting, i.e. a single machine or server supports a multitude of websites hosted at the same time. Shared hosting has the advantage of price and ease of use, but also some disadvantages:

  • There may be too many sites hosted on the same server.
  • Inappropriate behavior or inefficient applications of the “neighbors” may affect us.
  • The availability of resources in use peaks is not guaranteed.

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Tumblr is the social network with faster growth

As the latest report of the analyst firm GlobalWebIndex, the social network Tumblr is by far the fastest grown in the world, far exceeding Facebook, as this to have a lot of users seem to have bottomed out and now struggle to make new users to keep them actively.

tumblr analysis

If we stop to see the data corresponding to the second half, we can see that Tumblr has grown by 45 percent in terms of new users, while in terms of active people; this network has increased by 120 percent. With these figures, the social network run by Yahoo! is positioned to the first in growth of new users. Continue reading Tumblr is the social network with faster growth

Some tips on computer security should not be forgotten

Every day we use more devices connected to the Internet, spend more time on social networks and generate more digital information such as documents or photos that are usually confidential. This causes increasingly have more dispersed sensitive information on different devices or hosted in the cloud so we should remember some safety tips which are not new but still neglected by many people.

computer security

Use common sense and caution with our devices and when we surf the Internet are the two best advices that can be present. Here we describe some security issue:

  • Keep updated both your operating system and the applications used. Software developers often release updates to fix security breaches as they are discovered. Such updates must be installed as soon as its available and we will thus make things difficult for those that try to take advantage of those safety holes with slightly licit ends.
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    Wunderlist 3 is now available

    We continue reviewing tools that will be useful for organizing tasks and improve productivity and today we look at Wunderlist. The Version 3 of this popular task management tool is available after which according to its creators has been the most significant update to its development cycle.


    For those who have not used Wunderlist, this is a very useful tool with free and professional versions that focuses on the concept of task lists that can be private, shared and, since the last update, public. These lists are synchronized across all our devices. Wunderlist is available on the web and so can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Kindle Fire devices. Continue reading Wunderlist 3 is now available

    Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English

    Write in good English is still difficult for so many popping tools that help us with this task. A while ago we told you about Writefull, an assistant to improve our writing in English that has similarities with Ginger, the tool on which we focus in this article.


    The objective of Ginger is simple: to help improve the texts that we write in English. That goal can attack their many fronts ranging from the most common and avoid misspellings or grammatical up to others as giving a more native touch to the text using the synonymous and expressions appropriate to each context. Continue reading Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English

    Microsoft tests a translation of audio system in real time for Skype

    For years Skype and similar tools have helped us eliminate barriers and distances improving our communication in personal or workplace. Can you imagine that in the future will also help us communicate with people who speak other languages without having to speak them? It’s a complicated objective but Microsoft is already working on it as shown Satya Nadella, CEO of the company.

    skype translator

    The technology of which we speak was presented at a conference in California and is known as Skype Translator. This new functionality would give Skype a system of automatic translation in real time, i.e. translate what we say and other say to another language and show it on the screen so we can communicate. Continue reading Microsoft tests a translation of audio system in real time for Skype

    Is AdBlock Plus the culprit of the high memory usage of Firefox?

    Once you have complained about the high memory usage of Mozilla Firefox and how that affects the performance of your PC? If you use this browser for many hours and you go leaving open many tabs almost certain that you noticed in this problem, so it seems, is not only because of Firefox but also other plugins like AdBlock Plus.

    firefox and abp

    Memory management has long been one of the headaches of Mozilla has tried to improve this aspect in their new versions. Gradually it has been getting but the problem persists as one of the Mozilla engineers have researched a little further and have found a relationship between the use of the popular advertising blocker Adblock Plus and the memory consumption of Firefox. Continue reading Is AdBlock Plus the culprit of the high memory usage of Firefox?

    Twitter adds the option to mute users

    How to follow someone or deny our friendship in social media is a commitment for many because there are users who do not take it at all well. However, many users have in our timelines we prefer to stop reading for different reasons but can not delete them and for that Twitter has come to our aid and enabled the mute function to specific accounts.

    twitter mute option

    Having this functionality was already possible thanks to some customers but Twitter was experimenting with it and finally added both official Android and iOS clients and their version. If you want to use in this case you only have to click on the ‘More’ button that appears under the message of a user and the option of silence will appear. This option also appears on the ‘More Actions’ are displayed when viewing a user. Continue reading Twitter adds the option to mute users

    Google announces Classroom, free platform oriented to instructors

    The technology continues to enter the classroom and offering solutions that can help teachers and students in the process of teaching and learning. Google is present in almost all areas of our daily lives and counting utilities within the education sector by announcing the launch Classroom project.

    google classroom

    Classroom is a free platform that aims to make life easier for teachers saving time in management tasks that can be devoted to developing better classes or materials. Classroom also offers advantages for students and, at least for the moment, resembles a miniature version of the ‘virtual campus’ that have many universities so many can already imagine what are its functionalities.

    Classroom teachers will provide a form of communication and distribution of materials to students. It also provides a folder for each assignment and student in such a way that the platform becomes the place where students find the exercises and climbing them once finished. This method is simpler for students and for teachers who do not have to maintain multiple deliveries arriving organized them in different forms and saves on other media such as CDs or paper.

    Those who are interested in using Classroom can make a request to be admitted to the testing phase since at the moment it is not available for everyone, something that will happen within a few months.

    Twitter and Amazon team up to allow purchases with a single tweet

    One of the keys to run a online store is to offer users a simple way to purchase the products. At Amazon the buying process already works pretty well but after the announced partnership with Twitter to add a product to their shopping cart is going to be as simple as responding to a tweet.

    Twitter and Amazon team

    This will be possible thanks to the AmazonCart utility which begins to be available in the U.S. and United Kingdom. With AmazonCart those users who wish to can link their accounts at Amazon and Twitter. From that moment you can add products to the shopping cart simply reply to any tweet that contains a link to a product from Amazon including the hashtag #AmazonCart.

    This utility is available only for public accounts. Reply the tweet does not imply that the purchase was done automatically, i.e., simply added to the cart and later we can confirm the purchase or not so those who have a tendency to compulsive shopping may think more carefully if they need what they asked for.

    In this video Amazon shows how AmazonCart works: