BitTorrent Bleep, a very secure messaging service

Recently it released an alpha version of a new messaging system called Bleep developed by BitTorrent, Inc. Surely many will think that we have many messaging systems for smartphones, but this is different, because it does not save the information in any central server, since it uses the entire network of devices that make up what we call the Torrent to reach the user messages. The company judges that they do not keep any data that being sent.


To use the messaging application Bleep, just we have to download the version for our device from the app store. The registration therein is not necessary, so we can use it anonymously. But if we want to import contacts or invite others, then if an application prior to registration will be required. There will also be a whisper mode, which automatically deletes the message from the device which was sent. Continue reading BitTorrent Bleep, a very secure messaging service

Internet Explorer will receive a very important security update

About Project Spartan we have spoken on the odd occasion. This is the web browser that will replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge (its new name) is a program redesigned from scratch that will allow that we sail across the network in a secure way and without dangers. Internet Explorer seems to be forgotten.

IE security update

Well, not really. Microsoft does not want to leave lying to it has been for years one of its flagship products. Currently there are several people working on it, which means it still has enough life. In fact, the company has confirmed that it is preparing a very important security update that will improve the application. Continue reading Internet Explorer will receive a very important security update

15 Project Management Quotes to Live By

Project management can be tiresome or at a point of time you may even think to stop working for the project as they become so complicated to deal with. But the good news is that there are a lot of support functions that can help you carry on the project with a great motivation.

project management tools

There are a lot of quotes that will help you follow the project rigorously and make you feel the motivation from inside. There are a several quotes that can take away the mental block that we have inside us and stop us from going forward. They are very positive energy producing quotes and they give push to run a long way through the toughest project we would ever be going through. Continue reading 15 Project Management Quotes to Live By

Layout, Instagram application to create mosaics

Instagram, the social network where you can share images, has just launched Layout, an application that allows us to attach multiple photos to create a mosaic. The truth is that there are many apps that we find in the app stores that offer this feature, but Instagram has decided to launch his own. Layout is simple and has no advertising, something we often find ourselves in applications.

layout instagram

Just have to select the photos we have on our device, or make a catch with Photo Booth option, then use them in the creation of our mosaic. The application allows us to zoom in on images, drag, position them wherever we like, invert or rotate to create the desired effect. The maximum number of pictures that we can include it will be nine images for collage. Continue reading Layout, Instagram application to create mosaics

Periscope: Doing streaming video on Twitter

The streaming video on Twitter is a feature we’ve been waiting for many years. Some services have approached it, but the truth is that they had some limitations, in the end, did no more than tarnish the final result. However, since the company has learned a lot, and have recently announced the availability of Periscope, a feature that help to broadcast digital content on the social network.


We should note that Periscope was bought in January by Twitter, so you only have had to make some changes to get everything ready. In fact, they are implemented some features that will help to enhance the service. For example, we can chat and save our videos for later viewing. Continue reading Periscope: Doing streaming video on Twitter

Gmail allows to send money via email

Well, we must say that we have found it a bit confusing and weird concept, but if we look carefully it makes enough sense. And it is that Gmail has launched, for now only in the UK, a program that will allow us to send money via email using the Google Wallet platform. As we know, it is a project that allows shopping, for example, in Google Play Store.

gmail allow send-money

Send money is quite simple. The only thing we have to do will be to begin to write a new email and then click on the attachments bar (the symbol of the British pound, more specifically) to “include” the amount of money we want. To give the send button we will have enough for the recipient to receive the desired amount. Continue reading Gmail allows to send money via email

Videos and group conversations come to Twitter

A time ago Twitter announced that 2015 would bring this news, and so is the social network that was born to publish texts of no more than 140 characters, now presents its new service makes group conversations with up to 20 people and realization and editing videos from the application itself.

group conversations in twitter

We will not have to use other tools to upload photos and videos to our Twitter profile, for both the mobile web version and can use the camera to take pictures or videos up to 30 seconds. It also offers us the option to edit what we record before publishing. Continue reading Videos and group conversations come to Twitter

Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the app for Android

While 3G and 4G service already reaches countless countries, there are still many places where they can not enjoy this speed, so Facebook has launched an application that works perfectly in places that only have 2G.

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is the name of this app for Android that was born to give service to the emerging countries and being used especially in lower-range phones. While the normal application of Facebook reaches about 30MB, this version just weighs 252 KB, although it can be used with 2G but with a speed of navigation misses the 3G, we can see photos and publications without problem. Continue reading Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the app for Android

Wishbone, a touch-free thermometer

Thanks to crowfunding platforms we have seen various options of smart thermometers that are connected to our smartphones, but Wishbone is a device that includes a somewhat different from the other technology, since it does not require contact of the device with the skin for proper operation. It also has other uses, so it can make really useful in our day to day.


Wishbone is a project that is seeking funding through Kickstarter and has several interesting ideas that have been put in place. First of all its design, which is shaped like a Y to place the thermometer in the smartphone and can still see the screen without problem and without having to tilt the device to see the results shows. Continue reading Wishbone, a touch-free thermometer

TouchMail, Microsoft’s new application to manage emails

A few years ago we complained that Microsoft was not innovate at all, and that its software market was not as wide it should, now we have to swallow our words and change mind. The company is putting both batteries which are surprising us with the tasks being carried out. The results are quite promising, so there is no doubt that the work is very good.


Microsoft announced their new project, TouchMail, an email client that allows us to manage our emails in a very interesting way. The company wanted to change the way in which we invest our time, making everything simpler and without as many complications as we already have. Continue reading TouchMail, Microsoft’s new application to manage emails