PickMeApp: How to move software from one computer to another without reinstalling

Reinstall applications is one of the most odious tasks on a computer, as it requires not only simple installation but to add licenses, reconfigure, install plug-ins and much more which will we lose too many hours a day. Although there are several applications (of pay) that allow you to avoid all this, the only free solution so far known is called PickMeApp.


PickMeApp is the complete solution for all those who want to transfer applications from one place to another (from a PC with Windows XP to a PC with Windows 7, for example). Its compatibility seems to have no limits because it supports a wide range of software and the best thing is that you can ‘capture’ an application with only a few clicks. Continue reading “PickMeApp: How to move software from one computer to another without reinstalling”

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Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock

Anyone who used a Mac will know that your operating system is geared towards ease of use, something quite unique in this system is undoubtedly the Dock, it is quite beautiful and functional.

Winstep Nexus

On the other hand, since Windows 7 we have a bar that is intended to provide similar functionality but in fact looks pretty outdated, so that if we have something similar to the Dock of Mac it is best to use something like Nexus.

If you are longing for some time made a decent Dock for Windows in order to change and get rid of a good time on the taskbar Winstep Nexus is for you, this application includes the necessary characteristics to become the definitive Dock for Windows. Continue reading “Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock”

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