More than half of the apps are dead

The world of applications is overly competitive. Thousands are launched every day; they have to contend with the existing ones to be seen, at least. Then they have to appeal to users and these also give them publicity. And besides that you have to perform maintenance of these apps. It is very complicated and therefore more than half are already abandoned.

apps analysis

Applications are considered dead are those who have never been updated and they have less than ten ratings or reviews in the shops of the world’s three most used operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So it is important to update apps regularly. It is very useful for mobile phone application because every month lots of new mobile device released and for these mobile apps should also be updated. If you want to updated your apps contact

In total more than 700,000 applications between the three operating systems, with Windows Phone which has a higher percentage with 69% dead applications. IOS followed with 65% and Android with 41%. Continue reading “More than half of the apps are dead”