WebTorrent, so you can make streaming with torrents

Streaming multimedia content has become one of the most performed activities. Not surprisingly, there are currently large amounts of GB network that focus on carrying movies, music and other entertainment content. The BitTorrent network already joined years ago to this trend, but today’s technologies are enabling the development of new applications. Like, for example, WebTorrent, an app that allows you to view streaming torrents that have multimedia content.


Developed by Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh, WebTorrent allows viewing online multimedia torrents you want without the need to download them completely. For example, we can see a trailer for a movie without having to download it. The task is limited to viewing and deleting (but also can store files). Get rid of preconceived ideas, because the application is sufficiently innovative to surprise users. Continue reading “WebTorrent, so you can make streaming with torrents”