HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages

HTTP/2, as well know the professionals sector, is a protocol released a few months ago and enhances the original HTTP. Among other features, it eliminates existing bugs and improves performance of the first release. However, it seems that what was thought to be perfect it is not so. The protocol allows a greater number of messages in the exchange of them between computers and servers, allowing us to navigate more pages at the same time it will increase the loading speed. However, we should be careful.

http 2 protocol

Security researchers have discovered that the HTTP/2 protocol has a total of four major faults that may allow an attacker to slow down both web servers and make them fall completely. After some analysis, verified vulnerabilities that were already known and exploited in HTTP/1.X. We should note that the protocol is adopted by many pages for months, so that they could be in danger. Continue reading “HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages”

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