3DP Net: Network cards installer

If you have recently reformatted your computer, you’ll know that the first thing that you need to be running with the new installation of Windows is the network card. With the Internet connection you can begin to download everything you want for your new system, both Windows updates as a browser more appropriate that the IE or other programs that you use regularly.

3dp net

The problem is that if we have not supported the driver to connect to the network, obviously we can not connect, so that we can never get the driver via download. It seems like mishmash, but many users we have found more than once with this situation. Fortunately, 3DP Net gives us the solution.

3DP Net is a freeware program that helps you detect and download the drivers for the network card. Not only that, but if we have some suspicion about what kind of driver we are going to download, we can install a generic driver that at least allow us to connect to the Internet to download the driver that pleases us.

The download page mentions that supports multiple card drivers, but there are so many brands and models as there would not be surprising that the program could not get us the driver for our specific card model. The situation is settled with the installation “emergency” of this generic controller.

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