AccountKiller erases your subscriptions to various online services

If you are one of those who are subscribed to many online services and you start to think about how many of them actually use daily, you will realize that you do not use even a tenth of them. At this point, only it stays to dismiss us in each one, to avoid to continue to have in their possession our personal data and even financial.


The unsubscribe process, some requiring multiple steps in where we have to fill out forms or jump from link to link. Of course, if we find, as some hide these links as a treasure. Similarly, in some cases we have to give up explanations of why we drop. With AccountKiller the drawback is solved, allowing us to give us down all services, all from one place.

AccountKiller has been divided into several categories, according to the level of difficulty involved in realizing gives unsubscribe in each service. That is, some as Facebook or Twitter can be closed easily and others like Skype are almost intractable to give them unsubscribe. Division application is qualified by “white, gray or black” applications, according to their level of difficulty.

For each application, AccountKiller will be giving us steps to close the account, in some cases with direct links and another doing it from their website. In total, as many as 533 services which you can unsubscribe, at the time of writing this post, so surely there will be the way to end spam messages to your email or just keep half the world knows our name and our email, and other data.

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