AdBlock Plus now available for Internet Explorer

For a long time users of Firefox and Chrome enjoy AdBlock Plus, the add-in that hidden ads of the web pages. So far AdBlock Plus was not available for Internet Explorer, but since now announces version 1.0, which will work even in older versions of Microsoft’s browser, from version 6.

AdBlock Plus

It must be some caveats, as AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer does not work the same way as for the other browsers. Considering that in the Metro interface is not allowed to install any type of supplement, this new version will not work ad blocker in the Metro environment in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Nor it will be compatible with this improved protected mode in Internet Explorer 10, according to what their programmers have been reported. However, they know that this will be corrected in future versions.

In spite of the fact that it was already known Beta of AdBlock Plus for IE, sometimes the add-in does not work the same way as other browsers and has the same flaws that the Beta. There are still some inconsistencies in performance when browsing certain sites, thanks to the blocking methods are different from Firefox and Chrome. You also need to activate it manually after opening the browser.

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