Adobe Reader for Windows 8 is now available

Yes, Adobe has just released the official Adobe Reader app for Windows 8. As it has happened with other applications, this new version of the PDF reader more used comes with a full integration with Windows 8 and Modern UI.

Adobe Reader for Windows 8

Something that might not appeal to some users is that Adobe Reader for Windows 8 puts all the emphasis on the reading portion, this means that the program really has few options and also uses a form of display documents similar to the one know in the version for Windows Phone.

Because it lacks many options, this version of Adobe Reader is not as heavy as the previous versions, which is why it opens fast and does not saturate the system. There is also talk that this release is not subject to the security problems that are always linked to the desktop versions of the program.

As the native reader of Windows 8 is really great not see many users installing Adobe Reader for Windows 8, since the former supports PDF and other documents, and provides options to highlight text and add notes, save files, and more. On the other hand only Adobe allows you to view our documents, yet who wish to download it you can do it from Windows Store.

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