Advantages that brings iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

The new operating system of Apple has arrived and with it we have interesting news for to enhance our power, more if possible, the performance of their star devices like iPhone 6 Plus. The iOS 9 offers more autonomy and important changes. Do you want to know what the advantages are? Keep reading to discover them all.

iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

First, installing the iOS 9 will get a better autonomy for your mobile, since this operating system consumes less battery power than previous and includes a low power mode that gives us an extra hour of battery. It is certainly a great advantage because then we can get more of our iPhone 6 Plus and use it for longer without relying on both the charger. Also it is positive the fact that it occupies less and you will be able to use more memory of the device for personal files or applications. The iOS 8 occupied 4.58 GB, but the iOS 9 occupies only 1.3 GB, so that we have more space for other content.

On the other hand, the iOS 9 also boasts a more powerful search engine thanks to the renewed version of Spotlight. You can do all kinds of searches for apps, contacts or other phone content more accurately and quickly. And also more powerful is the Notes app that includes in this system. Many applications are enhanced iOS 9 and this, undoubtedly, is one of them. With this all-new app, you can send content to Notes from any other application on your iPhone 6 Plus. You can also create lists, include pictures, draw, and create folders to organize the material.

Another application of note is News. iOS 9 launches this app so you can find out everything that happens and, above all, what interests you, since this application provides personalized content and shows you the news that you might like. And take a look also to iCloud Drive. With it we can access from our iPhone to synchronized files in the apple cloud.

In addition, we can hide it so that it does not appear in the home screen. But beyond the applications, there are other advantages. With Apple’s new system, for example, you can work more easily with your iPhone 6 Plus thanks to keyboard shortcuts that offers and which improve the way to select, copy, and paste items. You can also group all notifications on the desktop window and see just which application comes from.

Another interesting novelty is that iOS 9 provides more security your iPhone 6 Plus already which you can install an extra code to unlock it. Moreover, you can also use content blockers, for example, to block advertising and improve privacy.

And do not forget that this operating system is compatible with a wide range of older devices such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPad. If you have any of these models, you can already take advantage of iOS 9 without having to change mobile.

You see there are many and varied advantages of this new operating system. Undoubtedly, all iPhone users can take advantage. And with the iOS 9 Apple has managed that the iPhone 6 Plus is even better.

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