AIMP3, now with surround sound and more powerful than ever

The popular AIMP player is updated and now offers a new sound engine as well as other possibilities.

AIMP player

The popular player AIMP has reached version 3 which had been in development for a long period of time. With this release we have included a major new sound engine itself which allows us to use ASIO, WASAPI or DirectSound.

Among other things, AIMP3 also includes support for ReplayGain, has a redesigned audio library, now the theme engine has been revamped and the possibilities of the playlist have been magnified. Of course several bugs have been fixed and other more technical aspects have been improved.

All these changes appear on one of the audio players that popularity has had in recent times, in fact, with the characteristics already known as a 18-band equalizer, sound effects, supports Winamp plugins, audio recording and CD ripping, converting between formats, support for Internet radio and more, AIMP3 becomes one of the most powerful players today.

For many AIMP interface may seem a bit complicated, since it has a lot of buttons, but after using the player for a few moments you will find it really easy to manipulate. So you know, if you are looking for a player that is free, powerful and can also be carried in a USB, AIMP3 is implementation.

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