AirDroid: how to manage your Android without cables

AirDroid is a superb application that gives us the opportunity to connect connect our mobile phone with Android with any computer regardless of its operating system, since the connection is made through the network. The fact an application must have all Android users.


On many occasions when we need to transfer content from our mobile device with Android do not have the appropriate USB cable for the connection process, however, there is a way to access from wireless, this is called AirDroid.

With AirDroid we have the opportunity to access and to control our mobile phone regardless of the operating system, as it is compatible with Mac and PC (Windows or Linux) in fact only requires the free application and of course an Internet connection.

Since there is no need to install an application itself, we can use AirDroid from virtually anywhere, you just have to connect and visit the URL provided, then typing the password that will give you an ‘online desktop’ which can used to navigate and manage our Android device.

To move the contents there are several ways, but perhaps the simplest is the drag and drop, and then we can use the included file manager and also use dedicated applications for photos, music and videos. Among other things, you can send SMS, play audio files, change the ring tone or alarm and more.

Although the application is still considered beta, and is already considered a successful tool because it works pretty well and to be free is an application that all Android user must have.

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