Android and Chrome OS will be joined into a single operating system

The trend is clear: Many companies are working to develop operating systems that, in one version, serve both computers and mobile devices. A decision that generating lots of controversy. An example of this union we have seen recently with Microsoft and Windows 10. However, another giant who will join the same goal: Google.

Android and Chrome OS

As confirmed by the company, they are working to bring Android and Chrome OS. In this way, they would create a single operating system that would work on all types of devices. Undoubtedly, a quite risky bet. Clearly, the search engine company wants to offer its solutions to both mobile devices and computers. However, it has the somewhat fragmented market.

On the one hand, Android is a success in smartphones and tablets, with a market share away any doubt that causes users continue to rely on the brand without a second thought. Not so with Chrome OS. The operating system has a market share of only 3%, with several limitations that are preventing the software to reach more devices.

For now, Google has confirmed that they want to materialize this decision during 2017, providing new details about the new operating system in 2016. The information has been taken by surprise users, so we recommend being very careful to know the movements that will take place. The question is: how would you like the fact that Android and Chrome OS were unified into a single operating system?

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