Anti-twin: Find duplicated files on Windows

Anti-twin is a very powerful tool that allows you to find duplicate files on your computer in order to remove them and to gain disk space.


If you download just about everything you see on the internet then you have secure full disk duplicate file, although for many this is not a problem, if you have little storage space the computer could run unsteadily and also find duplicate files is a mess. However, everything can change if we use a specially designed tool to find duplicate files, an application such as Anti-Twin.

Anti-Twin is a free (for personal use) that allows a fairly simple way to find each and every one of the duplicate files and then remove them and thus gain disk space. Thus, to perform the search, first we will have to specify the directory that we want to examine, in addition to that, you have to configure the search parameters to make it more effective.

To further personalize your search, Anti-Twin allows us to search more than one folder, you can apply a deep scan and it is possible to exclude files specified the minimum and maximum size or according to its extension. As the reliability in this type of software is required, the application analyzes each file byte by byte; this ensures that there will be no errors.

On the other hand, if we can just find duplicate images we will be able to establish the method of matching pixels or reduce the level of accuracy to find files slightly modified (before and after). For our facility, we can order duplicate files by size, by age or name will be easier to identify and know what needs to be erased.

Although Anti-Twin is a very sophisticated, in a matter of minutes we can be experts to find duplicate files, it talks about how easy it can be used. Finally, the developer ensures that Anti-Twin can be used not only in Windows, but could also run on Mac and Linux with the help of Wine.

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