Antivirus Live CD: Linux to the rescue to clean computer from viruses

In addition to traditional antivirus for Windows, there are other ways to completely clean your computer from viruses and malware. And in many cases not enough to boot your system in Protected Mode and pass program after program of disinfection, but we have to resort to certain distributions of Linux that can do the job without interfering with the Windows system files.

Antivirus Live CD

As in many other cases, the solution comes from the hand of antivirus created with Linux, which operate as separate operating systems that can boot from a CD or a USB key. This way, you will have access to all files and all disk partitions. One of these programs is Antivirus Live CD, a distro that can pull the chestnuts out of the fire if we can not access Windows files by traditional methods.

Antivirus Live CD is a downloadable file of about 23Mb which must burn to a CD to run automatically at startup of the computer. You can also save it to a USB key. Despite being based on the command line, its operation is quite simple and should not pose a problem for most. After running the boot menu, we are asked to set a root password, which is what we will use from now on to run the distribution.

The second step is to write the command you use to run the antivirus itself. With all the commands that we can use (not more than 6 special commands) can also run the antivirus, control the Internet for updates and have a file manager (Midnight Commander), along with a basic browser to navigate Internet.

Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, is updated automatically (although it is very slow to download and updated), all disk partitions are mounted automatically and uses the most famous engine antivirus for Linux, ClamAV, in addition to the 4MLinux.

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