Applications for video surveillance on mobile

With the advancement of technology today can achieve high connectivity between different parts of the world, and not only that, you also can use mobile devices to receive signals directly from your own home and thus establish a system of Home Security.

IP Cam Viewer

Instead of buying an IP camera connected to the Internet or a professional security service, we can use a typical web camera synchronized to a computer using software applications that allow us to manage and control the security of the house.

One of the most popular applications for this type of task is IP Cam Viewer. This application is used to synchronize professional type video surveillance cameras. Its tools are basic and look of its interface is very simple, in addition to a large database of camera models for all you have to do is choose to configure the IP address and create a link.

The IP Cam Viewer application allows us to view in real time from your mobile or tablet captures of the webcam. In this way, and no matter how far we are, we have visual control over what happens in the house.

The control that enables IP Cam Viewer is very professional, if the camera enables movements then we can move the camera and zoom and modify the frame remotely.

Another recommended application is vMEye, designed for Windows Phone devices. Fulfills the same functions as IP Cam Viewer and offers direct connectivity from the webcam with your smartphone or tablet.

A distinctive feature of these two proposals is that they offer remote control of camera movements allowing image capture in real time from the different areas of the room so that nothing goes unnoticed and thus still being able to monitor while at a distance.

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