Appy Geek tech news app presents new version

Mobiles Republic announced the release of a new version of Appy Geek, its app for tracking technology news. This application reaches its Version 4 in which includes new features that will maintain the good assessment on it for users interested in this kind of news.

appy geek tech news app

For those who do not know comment Appy Geek is a free news aggregator that offers content licensed by many of the webs of technology most prestigious such as Engadget, SlashGear, Wwwhatsnew. Appy Geek gives us access to articles from all these media through a fast and customizable interface for each user.

Customization is precisely one of the points that has been reinforced in the last update because the application has included a TagNav™ semantic engine that learns from our reading habits to show items that are closest to our interests.

The new version also includes a view “One Feed” with the latest news of our topics of interest, capabilities to rate articles and better integration with social networks.

Appy Geek 4.0 can be downloaded for free from Android devices from Google Play as for devices running iOS from the App Store and devices with Windows. If you don’t still use the application, we recommend you to take a look at the following video in which you can get an idea of all the possibilities.

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