aTunes: minimalist audio player

aTunes is one of those free programs for multiple platforms that are worth using. Although the interface is not too elaborate and could even say it has a touch retro, aTunes is a minimalist player that supports lyrics display, Last FM and streaming radio, as well as synchronize with portable devices.


As usual, the program asks us to drag all the folders of our computer in search of music. We can bypass this step, if we so desire, in order to find ourselves with a simple interface, but that does not vary much among so many other audio players. We will have repeat modes, playlists, album art, tags and support for radio and podcast.

aTunes also has an equalizer that will allow us to improve the output quality of the music, with familiar settings (classic, club, live, pop, rock, etc). Another feature is the large amount of the available skins to customize the program to our liking.

The synchronization with portable MP3 and even mobile is integrated between aTunes options. According to its developers, can synchronize with any of these devices, but will have to see if it does with Apple products.

Among other highlights another rather curious features is that we can show aTunes some statistics, like the time we’ve been using it or the percentage of songs from our lists we have heard. We must also mention that synchronizes with Last FM, plus five different sources to download and display lyrics of the songs in the right pane.

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