This is how Google plus codes work, a global and open source alternative to street addresses

Google summarizes in a very simple way what the plus codes are: an address for people or places that do not have it. The company has repeatedly claimed that the “next billion users” of the Internet will emerge in developing countries with diverse needs, such as locating their home locations.

google plus codes

In fact, according to a World Bank estimate that echoed from Mountain View, half of the world’s urban population lives in unnamed streets. That means that they cannot indicate where they live in a reasonably simple way with everything that can mean in so many areas. From this lack is born this open and global code system, applicable to any part of the world, with which to locate a specific place is much simpler. Continue reading “This is how Google plus codes work, a global and open source alternative to street addresses”

Ubuntu 17.10 will remove 32-bit ISO

Ubuntu 17.10

The move to 64 bits is being done much faster than we might think. If a few years ago this architecture was a minority, with only a few users and not even a headache for change, the latest modifications in operating systems are forcing this evolution in a sometimes abrupt way. Such is the case with the next version of Ubuntu. Continue reading “Ubuntu 17.10 will remove 32-bit ISO”

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DeUHD, a tool to rip 4K UHD Blu-Ray


The ripping of multimedia content is becoming more complicated. In fact, the qualities of the contents that are illegally shared in the network are worse than the original ones. However, there is no lack of tools that ensure that it is possible to extract all the files from the disks. The latest in this regard is DeUHD, a Russian tool that promises to rip the content of 4K UHD Blu-Ray.

The application is still its earliest versions, although it already has compatibility with a certain amount of players and disks. Of course, we must pay attention to its most notable feature: it is capable of decrypting discs protected with AACS 2.0. In fact, it is the first commercial tool with this capability. Continue reading “DeUHD, a tool to rip 4K UHD Blu-Ray”

Opera paralyzes the development of Opera Max

If you have used Opera Max so far, you will also know that it is an application that helps save bandwidth and also improves privacy. The project was originally launched by Opera in 2013. In fact, it is an independent browser of the original Opera with some additional features, among which is the fact of using the servers of the company in order to compress the contents before that are sent to users’ devices.

Opera Max

Although the last significant features were installed in 2016, the truth is that users were not entirely happy with the results that were obtained. That, only to the problems the company has had, has resulted in the halting of the development of the project. Continue reading “Opera paralyzes the development of Opera Max”

Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues

Do not be surprised that during the last Windows update the patches took longer to install. Microsoft has made very large changes in the operation of different versions of its operating system by closing a total of 48 vulnerabilities that seriously affected the products. In fact, two of them are critical and affect all versions that are currently available, and supported.

microsoft fixes security issues

Of the 48 holes, 15 of them are present in all versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Of course, the company has not been concerned about the existence of these failures, since, for the moment, they have not taken advantage of it in a convenient way. Two of these 15 vulnerabilities are considered critical, allowing even to take control of users’ computers. Continue reading “Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues”

How to send encrypted emails using Gmail

The encryption is becoming a very important concept. Not surprisingly, attacks on the security and privacy of users that are taking place over the last few months are causing, little by little, users are realizing that they should be more concerned about their data. One of the latest developments in this area will come soon to Gmail. Google will implement a tool that will allow you to send encrypted emails. Although we already know how to do this task with external tools.

send encrypted emails

Thanks to the extension Secure Mail for Gmail, which can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store, we can encrypt e-mails to be sent through Gmail. It is a complement that ensures that the contents are secured before reaching the Google servers. Something very important. Continue reading “How to send encrypted emails using Gmail”

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PayPal is no longer secure: A customer identified at the request of Sony Music

One of the most striking and interesting features of PayPal is that although we should identify the convenient way to create an account, we also had a certain privacy in the sense that the company would not disclose our data. This has allowed users to get their money, legal on most occasions, more or less safely. Until today. And it is that the last thing that happened on the platform could be considered as the gateway to a loss of privacy.

paypal no longer secure

Recently a German court has forced PayPal to hand over the personal data of a user who was profiting thanks to a page downloading content via P2P. Previously, Sony Music had denounced the fact, arguing that the copyright of their creations are violated. In fact, the decision has made it possible to know the identity of the offender. You could even say that, from these data may be implemented other measures. Continue reading “PayPal is no longer secure: A customer identified at the request of Sony Music”

Next Firefox will not run on Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor under Linux

As you know, the companies responsible for some of the most popular browsers in the market are putting up measures in order to avoid that the latest versions can be installed on old equipment. The most striking has been the one that prevents Firefox or Chrome, for example, can be installed in Windows XP. However, measures in this regard are still being implemented. And if not, that is to say Mozilla.

next firefox

The Foundation, which is responsible for the development of Firefox, has announced more rules so that their browser cannot be installed on older computers. Although that includes “banning” certain parts of the hardware that would be obsolete. The changes announced begin to run on Firefox 53, version that will be available in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Next Firefox will not run on Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor under Linux”

Gmail already allows you to attach files up to 50 MB

There are many times when, in an email, we have to attach some kind of file. For example, if we want to send a document it is very possible that we should use the corresponding feature. Usually these files do not usually occupy much, but there are times where we have to figure in order not to exceed the limits.

gmail exceed limits

If we have an own e-mail server, in this aspect we will not have major problems. But, of course, if we use a public one there are certain security measures that must be fulfilled. In Gmail, for example, we can not attach files that occupy more than 25 MB. Well, we actually have to say we could not, since Google has increased this limit in order to allow us to send larger files. Continue reading “Gmail already allows you to attach files up to 50 MB”

Windows 10: Goodbye to the forced restarts of the update

One of the things that bothered us about the Windows updates was that after installing them it was necessary to restart the computer. Something that does not happened in other operating systems. Microsoft has been working on this, being aware that it was a topic that bothers users. They finally got a solution. It will be implemented in Windows 10 Creators Update.

windows 10 update

Microsoft, the request to restart the computer after installing updates, has implemented a new option that allows you to postpone this off until three days. This is logical, considering that many workers take several hours to restart their computers in order not to lose work. Continue reading “Windows 10: Goodbye to the forced restarts of the update”

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