More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan

If we mention the name of Gooligan, it is clear that many will be left with a frown. It is no wonder, because this computer virus was almost unknown until a few hours ago. Yes, we talk about a malware that has already made theirs, and now could be considered as one of the biggest threats for devices with installed Android.

violated by gooligan

The virus was originally discovered by the company Check Point Software, which ensured that there were at least 86 applications outside the official bazaars for Android that had integrated virus. The main problem is the extracted results: allegedly, has already affected more than one million devices, which means they have stolen so many Android accounts associated with them. And talk about Android and Google accounts is the same. Continue reading “More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan”

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Microsoft says that Windows 10 does not share information with third parties

A few days ago we talked about a story that had been frightened some users. And the fact is that there had been discovered the possibility that Microsoft was sharing private user data, telemetry, with other companies. Clearly this type of leakage did not fall as a good thing, so some users even raised their voices requesting explanations from Microsoft. However, the company has decided to jump into the fray in order to clarify what happened.

windows 10 does not share information

First, the company has denied that Windows 10 is sharing information with third parties. In fact, a spokesman of the business has argued that data sharing refers to improved security features for the antivirus from Windows whose sole purpose of improving the product. In fact, it has hinted at the telemetry data, confirming that this information is only available for Microsoft itself. Continue reading “Microsoft says that Windows 10 does not share information with third parties”

Adobe updates Flash: This is the serious error that has been found

There are few times when Flash has been the victim of all kinds of serious attacks to its security and stability. Not surprisingly, Adobe has to put the batteries each little time with a view to resolving the problems that are encountered. The last one has come out to the light a few days ago, when the company announced the discovery of a serious fault which, fortunately, already has its corresponding update. In fact, we recommend applying the patch as soon as possible.

Adobe updates Flash

Specifically, the application is victim of an exploit that is being used to perform attacks to those users who have installed Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. According to Kaspersky Lab, the vulnerability with code CVE-2016-7855 could be classified as serious. Without going any further, the patch has already been published and is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible in order to maintain data security. Continue reading “Adobe updates Flash: This is the serious error that has been found”

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Google Chrome 54, the latest version with excessive consumption of RAM

The complaint most commented on by users with respect to browsers is the excessive consumption of RAM that can get to perform. And, in some cases boast a bad optimization. Fortunately, gradually they solved this problem, so it is normal that every time our computers cost less display pages that exist on the network.

Google Chrome 54

Recently published the version of Google Chrome 54. This is, in addition, the last release that consumes an excessive amount of RAM memory. The new edition of the browser changes the behavior of Adobe Flash on Youtube with the purpose to accept HTML5 as the player. And consume fewer resources and obtain better security in the browser itself. Continue reading “Google Chrome 54, the latest version with excessive consumption of RAM”

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QualityTime, an application to discover our habits of mobile phone use

No need no study to know that we spend more time with our smartphones. These devices have brought us many advantages but it also have become thieves almost without realizing steal a lot of the time previously dedicated ourselves to other things.


If you are of those who think that you devote too much time to your mobile or you just like to know your habits of use you want to know QualityTime. This free application available for Android devices is very useful because it allows us to have statistics on everything we do with mobile and can assure that after using it for a few days you can discover data that would surprise you. Continue reading “QualityTime, an application to discover our habits of mobile phone use”

Smartshot allows us to obtain screenshots, write and draw on them

Almost all of us arises occasionally the need to make screenshots of a web site. To achieve this, we have plenty of options, but one of the most comfortable is usually using any extension of browser like Smartshot, the plugin for Chrome that we spoke below.


With Smartshot we can not only take screenshots but can also work on them before storing. The capture functionality is quite similar to that offered by other extensions as it gives us the option of capturing an entire page or selected area. At this point to emphasize its deferred capture makes a screenshot 3 seconds after pressing this option, which can be useful in some situations. Continue reading “Smartshot allows us to obtain screenshots, write and draw on them”

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Yanado, a tool for managing tasks and projects within Gmail

Properly organize our tasks and projects are key to improving our productivity initiatives so that continue to appear initiatives to help us with it. Which we present in this article it is called Yanado and offers the ability to manage our tasks and projects from Gmail.

yanado tools

Yanado is based on the following hypothesis: why waste time passing information from Gmail to our project management tool if it can do everything from Gmail? The reasoning seems valid but we believe that it does not adapt to the way of working around the world but can have many people whose tasks revolve mainly around mail to which this form of work is especially useful. Continue reading “Yanado, a tool for managing tasks and projects within Gmail”

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Chrome will begin to block Flash in September

As you know, many of the browsers that are now available on the Internet begin to block Flash soon. Among the reasons it is causing blockages, excessive consumption of resources and, of course, security failures, which have had serious consequences for many users. Not surprisingly, the number of infections has dropped as users have begun to uninstall the plug.

chrome blocking flash

Google is one of the companies that begin blocking Flash soon. Specifically, in their Chrome browser. A few weeks ago already announced the movement, although it had finally been decided to complete the operation in the 53 software version. In this way, the browser will act by default and will eliminate a part of the compatibility with Flash, avoiding that can be run in a free manner and by default. Continue reading “Chrome will begin to block Flash in September”

HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages

HTTP/2, as well know the professionals sector, is a protocol released a few months ago and enhances the original HTTP. Among other features, it eliminates existing bugs and improves performance of the first release. However, it seems that what was thought to be perfect it is not so. The protocol allows a greater number of messages in the exchange of them between computers and servers, allowing us to navigate more pages at the same time it will increase the loading speed. However, we should be careful.

http 2 protocol

Security researchers have discovered that the HTTP/2 protocol has a total of four major faults that may allow an attacker to slow down both web servers and make them fall completely. After some analysis, verified vulnerabilities that were already known and exploited in HTTP/1.X. We should note that the protocol is adopted by many pages for months, so that they could be in danger. Continue reading “HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages”

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KickassTorrents, the latest victim of the fight against piracy

If you are regulars to download torrents, we’re sure you know KickAssTorrents. We are talking about one of the largest trackers of Internet, with thousands of content available that, on occasions, also violated the rights of author. However, the fight against Internet piracy has claimed a new victim. It was the Polish justice that has proceeded to arrest the alleged founder of KickassTorrents, in addition to commandeer the domains that were being used. The portal is inaccessible.


Artem Vaulin is a 30-year-old Ukrainian citizen who has been accused of serious infraction of the copyright. After being arrested, the US Justice Department has applied for extraditing in order to be able to judge him. The US District Court in Chicago claims that the material that was available for download has a rating of over 1,000 million dollars. A particularly high amount. And the possible motive of persecution. Continue reading “KickassTorrents, the latest victim of the fight against piracy”

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