AVG presents its antivirus for Mac

Anyone who believes that using a particular operating system is free from threats, think again. While the Mac environment is much more secure than Windows, this year we have witnessed the arrival of some viruses to the Apple system; paradoxically, what antivirus software companies were waiting.

avg antivirus for mac

Thus, we have a new free antivirus for Mac and come from the hand of AVG. The AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free uses the same principle of free protection that AVG has had for many years on Windows. What is new is that the new product also promises to protect your Mac and Windows threats to Android, which the company has called triple protection.

Like all antivirus applications, AVG antivirus for Mac offers to do a full scan by the disk, after its installation. It also has a scanner for suspicious files that can be analyzed with just drag them to the AVG main window. The operation is similar to any antivirus, with the difference that will eliminate Windows and Android, which is very welcome for those who frequently connect to these devices.

There are some differences with some other antivirus. For example, the Avast! it offers to examine a particular sector of the disk, something that AVG does not offer. However, AVG detects the virus for Android, something not offered previously. Downloads are available from Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

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