Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a is a new and very sophisticated virus for Android

Kaspersky Labs has released a very detailed report of a potentially very dangerous virus for Android operating systems because their performance is “as sophisticated as the best virus for Windows”, according to Russian researchers. The virus is Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a and distributed through links, converting the one or more mobile within a malicious botnet.

virus for android

Invite malicious links download a message sent from a site called Once downloaded, the virus begins to send messages to other contacts, inviting more messages sent from the same site. In short, the virus activates entering the links, so that with a little caution and common sense can avoid infection.

It is seen that the majority of viruses are activated by the intervention of the same user. To demonstrate in the corresponding tests made ​​by Kaspersky, it has proven that many people have no care whatsoever and open these links, in five hours, about 600 malicious links were distributed by the lack of precaution of the user.

It is reported that Google has fixed the vulnerability of the virus in Android 4.3 version. Meanwhile, Kaspersky could not avoid getting some publicity and announce that its latest Android security suite detects and eliminates viruses, although the operating system is patched with the latest updates.

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