BitTorrent Bleep, a very secure messaging service

Recently it released an alpha version of a new messaging system called Bleep developed by BitTorrent, Inc. Surely many will think that we have many messaging systems for smartphones, but this is different, because it does not save the information in any central server, since it uses the entire network of devices that make up what we call the Torrent to reach the user messages. The company judges that they do not keep any data that being sent.


To use the messaging application Bleep, just we have to download the version for our device from the app store. The registration therein is not necessary, so we can use it anonymously. But if we want to import contacts or invite others, then if an application prior to registration will be required. There will also be a whisper mode, which automatically deletes the message from the device which was sent.

The application promises total anonymity, as well as encrypt each message to avoid that someone can intercept them while riding from one device to another. In addition, each account can generate a Bleep code with which to network without having to phone or mail from anyone.

This service dares to be compared with the great messaging systems, such as Whatsapp, iMessage, snapchat, Viber, etc … Besides taking advantage of data thefts that have recently had these applications, Bleep ensures that they do not have a cloud, so that it can never happen.

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