BitTorrent Live Beta Now Available

Since last year that BitTorrent had in developing their own platform for streaming video, which uses the Peer to Peer for streaming videos across all clients that are currently connected. Users will not only see the broadcast content but also act as transmitters of the same so that others can receive it too.

BitTorrent Live Beta

Well, BitTorrent has announced the beta availability of this platform that will be in the testing stage for some time more. Came the time to test it to see if there is any alternative to download torrents, in watching live streaming.

The first thing to do is download a small program (for Windows, Linux or Mac) that will communicate with BitTorrent Live and we connect with all video sources and it will allow that we ourselves should be one more source.

The test has left us with a bitter taste in the mouth. BitTorrent Live has been unstable with Firefox and Windows 7, while with Google video has frozen several fragments of programming. With Linux and Firefox we have not even been able to get to the web.

Clear that we could say that it is the speed of the Internet, but does not explain the crashes of Firefox or in Linux, or the problems in Windows 7. However, if we are streaming through a client of torrents that support it, everything works perfectly, how it has worked so far in the latest versions.

In sum, we have seen almost nothing in terms of what to offers BitTorrent Live. After a few days of the initial effect, the traffic will be more relaxed and the entry much easier. This system is interesting from the point of view of course that could take video or television broadcasts in the future.

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