BitTorrent Sync: Share files P2P at high speed

The downloaded files through BitTorrent clients are going through their best time, each day there are new compatible programs, new features for customers more famous and more users that make the P2P transfer is more powerful and versatile.

BitTorrent Sync

These novelties are to BitTorrent Sync, a Windows application that allows users to synchronize and share files between different computers.

The application uses a P2P special synchronization method is very original and simple at the same time, so in a short time has gained great recognition among users. To allow proper operation of BitTorrent Sync have to go to the folders you want to share, generate a secret key and pass it to another user.

With this large alphanumeric key (created by the BitTorrent Sync clients) the second user, or users, can download the files you have on your PC. To preserve the security and integrity of the files there are three different types of key:

  • Writing and reading
  • Read only
  • Single-use key (key such work only for 24 hours).

The connections are made through direct P2P and that ensures high transfer rate, as well as a .torrent file transfer speed when there are many seeds. The ease and speed interface for file sharing are the strengths of this incredible application that greatly facilitate the processes to share files with our friends.

As only negative point we can mark that there is little information about the program and support its operation is quite brief, but being a relatively simple and straightforward application not much to explain either.

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