Blekko: Another option among search engines

Blekko is a little-known online search option, but offers slashtags search and provides collaborative results that avoiding those results from Google that stand out thanks to the SEO techniques.

blekko search engine

Although Google is the most visited page of the Internet world, long since there are other alternatives that are not as well known as Google, but it offer good options for those wanting to get out of range of the network giant. It is Blekko, one of the newest Internet search engines, dating from a couple of years ago.

The interface is not revolutionary, or anything likes that. But between what stands out most, mentioning the possibility of allowing us to create slashtags, facilitating search and grouping them into different predefined categories, which are shown on the right side of the screen.

Although to create these slashtags we will have to register, there is no need for a list of the principal, so we can refine our search. Moreover it is possible that other users modify it, so Blekko has a real collaborative spirit.

We can connect our Blekko account to Facebook to highlight more results supported by users of the social network, rather than those pages that make use of SEO to emphasize more than the others.

A good tool to not let ourselves be fooled by the results of Google, believing that it is the best or the only ones.

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