BlogTalk Radio: If you dreamed of doing a radio show this is what you need

Internet gives us a number of ways to express ourselves, whether through a blog, as a podcast, a forum or a message of 140 characters on Twitter. The possibilities are at hand and we have many people from one way or another we have taken advantage of it.

BlogTalk Radio

However, in addition to the podcast and some additions to broadcast via Internet radio, there are many alternatives to make our voices heard. BlogTalk Radio is a service that will allow us to have a free space of 30 minutes where we record a radio program of our favorite subject.

As in any radio that is worthy, we can record our program by entering music, sound effects and even commercial. During the transmission schedule our listeners can interact with us through a chat, besides being able to receive questions and comments from listeners. BlogTalk Radio has its own interface where we can monitor the transmission step, even with the use of a timer on the screen.

We will have 30 minutes to make our program in the free plan, which can be extended with payment plans. We’ll have many options in addition to publicize our programs, as well as a separate file where all our programs are saved.

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