BlueStacks runs Android from Windows

The world of emulators offers multiple alternatives that can be used by developers to detect failures or for anyone who wants a little more internalized in a new operating system. Android has become an event between mobile, so that for some time now there are Android emulators for Windows. Let’s examine BlueStacks that while not a hundred percent emulator allows us to install apps individually.


As mentioned, BlueStacks is not an emulator programs, but it allows you to download individual applications and run them full screen or windowed mode. As in the original Android, we can download from the Google store, but also supports other stores, such as Amazon; it has search application that performs searches in the supported stores.

If you have a computer with Windows 8 touch, we can interact with the Android applications as if it were the Modern interface, and use BlueStacks to play games in Windows 8. We can also use Windows 8 (and Windows 7) to synchronize Android device with BlueStacks via BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Thus, applications will synchronize and will manage between the devices.

There are versions of BlueStacks for Windows, from XP, and Mac OS where you can run a number of apps and games, although in a limited way. There is a premium service that allows unlimited number of applications.

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