BootRacer measures the time that it takes to start Windows

If you are someone who installs many programs and accounts with an antivirus and some additional software such as a firewall, the windows may slow start to desperate ends, even if you have cleaned the registry, do not have any infection or you have partitioned the disk.


The reality is that Windows is not very good to manage all installed programs and registry entries. What other OS is a quick process that does not require too much waiting, on Windows startup can be seriously penalized for the programs that start with the OS. Fortunately there are several ways to optimize it, but first we will use a program that will take the time and tell us how long it takes to start Windows, to get it ready for use.

BootRacer is the program you need to measure PC boot time. If we leave it installed permanently and be detecting that startup is slower each time, we will give recommendations on the actions we take to reduce the OS boot time. Once installed, we restart and see a timer at the bottom left of the screen. The only thing that the timer will not count the time spent to write the system password.

Once everything is started (programs, desk and drivers) will tell us the time that has been delayed, the version used in Windows and the time it took the OS itself, as distinct from desktop. An interesting feature is that the program is a file beginning where we can compare the time it took Windows to boot over time.

It would have been welcomed the programme to tell us exactly which components take longer to start initialization rather than lead to a link on the web to download optimization program (run the program SpeedUpMyPC). Anyway, BootRacer will help us know if the starting time is excessive, so that we can carry out whatever it takes to improve.

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