Calendar++ Free: Your planner in Android

Calendar++ Free is the best choice to have an efficient schedule, fully featured and totally free on our Android phone.

Calendar++ Free

Through the interface we can organize our tasks and events as well as synchronize with Google accounts for any last-minute update is recorded smoothly. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and ultimately what allows is to add special features for the calendar by default of our Android.

It operates from Android 4.0.3 onwards as well as previous versions of the mobile platform will have to keep waiting until the appearance of backwards compatibility. Its interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and includes views of day, week and year, alarm settings and zoom tool for daily events.

The full synchronization with our Google calendars, once we choose the accounts we want to sync with, is excellent. We can use desktop widgets to quickly modify the data and display the calendar in a wide, normal and other version that fit our screen.

If we use Google calendar to organize our week and mark our activities, then Calendar++ Free will offer more tools to have a more efficient and faster to all our plans. Connected to the Internet instantly synchronize to receive updates and using different models of widgets can choose a comfortable and visually appealing style to our presentation. Do you forget appointments or birthdays? Now there is no excuse because not only easy to configure, it is visually striking and can not lose sight of the information.

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