Cameroid takes pictures quickly

There are several reasons why we must rely on a free Internet service to take a photo. The first, obviously, is that we do not have to hand a photo camera. The second reason is that we do not have the associated program to the webcam or that for one reason or another we have no way to manually activate the camera.


With Cameroid we may take photos, apply some basic effects and download them to our computer. Cameroid is a website that offers the service to take photos, so at least need internet connection. Its use is very simple and requires no special program because Cameroid makes the whole process and gives us the image ready for download.

We can add some effects, since the right of the photo window can distort the image in many ways, apply negative effect and add multiple frames. If we take a more formal photo with our webcam or laptop, simply that we do not add any effect and keep the photo in the album; Cameroid will submit it and that will open automatically with our preferred program of images. If we want we can share our photo on a Cameroid public gallery, where we can share photos with other users.

The service is designed for those “exceptional circumstances” in which there is an urgent need to send a photo by email. And Cameroid has more than fulfilled.

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