Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool

Here we commented on the new super virus that is affecting the network which is able to monitor network traffic, take screenshots, act as a key-logger and perform other monitoring tasks.

Bitdefender removal tool

This malware has been classified as “dangerous and complicated”, is why the company BitDefender has released a tool to find out if you are infected and in addition to being well, remove this threat. Continue reading “Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool”

HitmanPro Alert is another good Trojan detector

HitmanPro Alert is an add browsers and a process that works by detecting trojans or potential threats to your computer.


Protections against Trojans are never sufficient to have a secure system that not us of a nasty surprise when least expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to test different programs of detection to make sure that we do not have the infected computer, in the case of the antivirus or other security program that we have installed does not give the results we want. Continue reading “HitmanPro Alert is another good Trojan detector”

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BitDefender Linux Edition: antivirus program

BitDefender Linux Edition is a powerful utility, with which we can maintain the security of our system, since it is a great antivirus that protects us from any potential threat we want to log into our system without our authorization.

BitDefender Linux Edition

BitDefender Linux Edition also boasts several features and options, since it is a very effective and powerful, great program that protects us from threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms and other pests harmful to our system, also can scan our system in search of threats, so, locate and destroy the viruses found in our system.

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NOD32 Antivirus: Antivirus program

NOD32 Antivirus is a powerful tool that will help us to protect the security of our system from any threat, as it is a great antivirus program.

NOD32 Antivirus

NOD32 also has several features that help us provide protection to our system, because once wing offers real-time protection against any program or file that could damage our system, as well as automatic updates without having to manually update, as well as graphs also show us the activities in our system among many other things offered by this great antivirus program.

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Available public beta of Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Microsoft just released the beta version (public) safety of your package Security Essentials 4, it is intended that users of the security suite give a furtive glance at what will be the next version of this virus. Although this is a major upgrade, Security Essentials 4 no major changes from the previous version, but the upgrade is almost mandatory for all users.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Remembering that always to support a computer with protected Windows it is necessary to be updated, Security Essentials is updated to provide better detection results and thus a greater range of protection. Furthermore, minor changes were made in the interface and structural improvements have been implemented that benefit from a better performance. Continue reading “Available public beta of Microsoft Security Essentials 4”

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