The importance of backups

Every day we encounter the same problem: data is lost without proper backup. Whether on our mobile phone, hard disk or even on physical disks, the disadvantages of accidental erasure multiply with each passing hour. The only recommendation and you know: make regular backups that allow save all data to external devices.

importance of backups

The backups are extremely important because anything can happen. For example, a simple storm can burn the hard drive of your computer. In case you do not be a copy, you risk you have to throw away all that information, without the possibility to recover it. In case they are multimedia materials such as movies or music, you can always re-download. The problem is much bigger when it comes to personal data, photographs or simple documents which can not extract a copy. Continue reading “The importance of backups”

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EaseUS Todo Backup Free: A powerful free tool to clone our discs

If you thought about the possibility that once your computer becomes a useless object due to a hacker attack or a disk failure, then you have thought about the possibility of cloning the disk, saving the most essential data. Many of the programs that will help us in this task are extra, but there are free alternatives and as good as or better than the pay.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a backup suite that will allow us to backup whole disk that can be of great help to move partitions and the entire disc to another disk, without even reinstalling Windows. Above all, has a simple interface to understand that will guide you step by step in the task. Continue reading “EaseUS Todo Backup Free: A powerful free tool to clone our discs”

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SymMover: Move programs from one drive to another in the easiest way

The typical example in which SymMover can be of invaluable help, is when we bought a bigger disk than what we have or when we switched to solid state technology. With a larger capacity disk or SSD in hand, surely we will want to move all of our programs to the new device. But how do we do it without reinstalling one by one?


We can not simply move folders from one disk to another, since Windows has recorded the location of programs and there will be problems when run from the new disk. But SymMover is a free program that takes care of saving the papers, making believe to Windows that our directories are still in their original location and adds a symbolic link to the new location of the files. Continue reading “SymMover: Move programs from one drive to another in the easiest way”

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Cobian Backup 11 beta: encrypted backups

The popular Cobian Backup has already reached version 11, with new encryption features and some changes in scheduling backups. A good free option.

Cobian Backup 11 beta

The convenience of making backup our data on the computer more or less regularly will save us more than a headache for these coincidences of life disc hard failure or even the file that we need at that moment becomes corrupted, or deleted. For this reason, free tools to perform backups are absolutely essential between the tools that we should have.

One such tool is the free Cobian Backup, which released version 11 Beta. With respect to the version 11 specifically, it adds the peculiarity that the backups can count with 128, 192 or 256 bits, if you wish the support to be as protected as possible. Continue reading “Cobian Backup 11 beta: encrypted backups”

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A simple backup manager for your linux – backintime

If you have ever lost any data as a result of computer crash, you might know the importance of creating backups of your PC. But are you confused to make a choice of backup software for your Linux OS.

back in time

Then, here is really simple backup software for linux named “back in time”. Back in time is inspired by “flyback project” and “TimeVault”. Backup is made by making snapshots of specific directories. Continue reading “A simple backup manager for your linux – backintime”

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Rebit backup software

Today we discuss backup software for review that could save pretty much time for you – rebit backup software. It is a great easy to use backup and system recovery software. It works on windows environment.

rebit backup software

It will back up your files to an external hard drive. With Rebit software installed on an external backup drive it saves everything automatically including all your data files, photos, music, movies, email, Windows operating system, software applications, drivers, passwords, bookmarks, preferences and everything you need for fast, full system recovery. Continue reading “Rebit backup software”

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