Opera paralyzes the development of Opera Max

If you have used Opera Max so far, you will also know that it is an application that helps save bandwidth and also improves privacy. The project was originally launched by Opera in 2013. In fact, it is an independent browser of the original Opera with some additional features, among which is the fact of using the servers of the company in order to compress the contents before that are sent to users’ devices.

Opera Max

Although the last significant features were installed in 2016, the truth is that users were not entirely happy with the results that were obtained. That, only to the problems the company has had, has resulted in the halting of the development of the project. Continue reading “Opera paralyzes the development of Opera Max”

Next Firefox will not run on Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor under Linux

As you know, the companies responsible for some of the most popular browsers in the market are putting up measures in order to avoid that the latest versions can be installed on old equipment. The most striking has been the one that prevents Firefox or Chrome, for example, can be installed in Windows XP. However, measures in this regard are still being implemented. And if not, that is to say Mozilla.

next firefox

The Foundation, which is responsible for the development of Firefox, has announced more rules so that their browser cannot be installed on older computers. Although that includes “banning” certain parts of the hardware that would be obsolete. The changes announced begin to run on Firefox 53, version that will be available in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Next Firefox will not run on Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor under Linux”

Google Chrome 54, the latest version with excessive consumption of RAM

The complaint most commented on by users with respect to browsers is the excessive consumption of RAM that can get to perform. And, in some cases boast a bad optimization. Fortunately, gradually they solved this problem, so it is normal that every time our computers cost less display pages that exist on the network.

Google Chrome 54

Recently published the version of Google Chrome 54. This is, in addition, the last release that consumes an excessive amount of RAM memory. The new edition of the browser changes the behavior of Adobe Flash on Youtube with the purpose to accept HTML5 as the player. And consume fewer resources and obtain better security in the browser itself. Continue reading “Google Chrome 54, the latest version with excessive consumption of RAM”

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Chrome will begin to block Flash in September

As you know, many of the browsers that are now available on the Internet begin to block Flash soon. Among the reasons it is causing blockages, excessive consumption of resources and, of course, security failures, which have had serious consequences for many users. Not surprisingly, the number of infections has dropped as users have begun to uninstall the plug.

chrome blocking flash

Google is one of the companies that begin blocking Flash soon. Specifically, in their Chrome browser. A few weeks ago already announced the movement, although it had finally been decided to complete the operation in the 53 software version. In this way, the browser will act by default and will eliminate a part of the compatibility with Flash, avoiding that can be run in a free manner and by default. Continue reading “Chrome will begin to block Flash in September”

Google is already preparing Chrome with Material Design

Material Design has been one of the most curious creations of Google. A simple graphic style, but at the same time striking. Although applications for mobile phones already have it implemented for months, not so with its star PC web browser, Chrome. However, the works are underway. In fact, the company has already posted some samples of the final result.

chrome with material design

Thanks to the latest published images, we have been able to take a look to what is preparing the company: a simple Chrome, with fewer buttons, and a large number of changes. Sometimes it will give you the feeling of being in an Android application. Continue reading “Google is already preparing Chrome with Material Design”

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Google Chrome 48 comes with new features and security enhancements

Chrome, the browser of Google, receives a major upgrade. The development team does not stop when adding ingredients. Something that we like on the other hand: in addition to installing new features, it also improves a browser which is already excellent. The possibilities of the software are not exactly few. Clearly, now it is available the version 48 does not get bored at all.

Google Chrome 48

Google Chrome 48 is not a browser with excessive additives. Although true that it is quite interesting. One of the new options, for example, is the ability to add custom notifications. Thus, to arrange we will be aware of what happens in the world and to interact with them in different ways. Continue reading “Google Chrome 48 comes with new features and security enhancements”

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Mozilla will make changes in the interface of Firefox 43 search

In 2014, Mozilla was proposed to completely modify the operation of Firefox. Some changes we have already seen, even quite rightly. However, must pay attention to one of the sections that have been less modified: the area of search. We anticipate that there will be great changes that are currently being tested and should go into production in the release of Firefox 43.

Firefox 43 search

We should note that the interface was slightly modified and new icons, but the change that is coming is a bit more flashy. Almost all the news will focus on action that will make the browser when the right mouse button is pressed in the search bar. In this way, you will open two new options: search in a new tab and select the default search engine. Continue reading “Mozilla will make changes in the interface of Firefox 43 search”

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Mozilla, Google and Microsoft will no longer support RC4 in 2016

If you do not know RC4, right away so we put in the field. In those three characters hides one of the encryption systems more used today. The contents of the connections via SSL, TLS or WEP encrypted thanks to the protocol, so it is clear that its consequences are for safety networks. What the vast majority of users do not know is that many programmers are giving their backs because insecure that is, with multiple failures are threatening communications.

no longer support RC4

Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, three of the most popular on the planet entities still use RC4 in their programs. Although its will be for a short time, as announced its intention to stop giving support in 2016. The reasons already know: the protocol is so insecure that no longer trust it. Continue reading “Mozilla, Google and Microsoft will no longer support RC4 in 2016”

Internet Explorer will receive a very important security update

About Project Spartan we have spoken on the odd occasion. This is the web browser that will replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge (its new name) is a program redesigned from scratch that will allow that we sail across the network in a secure way and without dangers. Internet Explorer seems to be forgotten.

IE security update

Well, not really. Microsoft does not want to leave lying to it has been for years one of its flagship products. Currently there are several people working on it, which means it still has enough life. In fact, the company has confirmed that it is preparing a very important security update that will improve the application. Continue reading “Internet Explorer will receive a very important security update”

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Is AdBlock Plus the culprit of the high memory usage of Firefox?

Once you have complained about the high memory usage of Mozilla Firefox and how that affects the performance of your PC? If you use this browser for many hours and you go leaving open many tabs almost certain that you noticed in this problem, so it seems, is not only because of Firefox but also other plugins like AdBlock Plus.

firefox and abp

Memory management has long been one of the headaches of Mozilla has tried to improve this aspect in their new versions. Gradually it has been getting but the problem persists as one of the Mozilla engineers have researched a little further and have found a relationship between the use of the popular advertising blocker Adblock Plus and the memory consumption of Firefox. Continue reading “Is AdBlock Plus the culprit of the high memory usage of Firefox?”