Opera 18 available for download

There have been many changes to the browser Opera has shown in the last three editions. The first major step taken by this browser has been the change to the engine used by Chrome, resisted by many traditional users.

opera 18

The new 18-Final version shows some radical changes. The interface has been rebuilt from scratch and design now allows to further integrate with the OS; it also has been implemented a unified search and address bar, in the style of Chrome and Safari, as opposed to the separate bars which still using Firefox. Continue reading “Opera 18 available for download”

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Make my Browser: Allows you to design your custom browser

Make my Browser will allow us to design a web browser ourselves, our bookmarks and favorite subjects, having as Chromium base. After choosing all the features that will be included in our creation, be given the link of the executable file for download and installation.

Make my Browser

The process is fairly simple. We will have to choose an image that will be the icon that will use the new browser on the desktop and name the program. Then choose bookmarks that we will include in the browser and a theme (you have several themes to choose from). Once you have done the above and agree to the terms of use, ready to download your browser. Continue reading “Make my Browser: Allows you to design your custom browser”

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Lightbeam: Add-on for Firefox that shows who is watching us

Style of Disconnect, Mozilla released a Firefox addon called Lightbeam, that show us who watch us when we surf on the Internet. It shows other open connections outside the site that we are visiting.


The graphical representation of the follow-up, shown like infographic, showing us which companies are currently connected. We will have freedom to block them at the discretion and upload the information of the sites blocked to a database, which indexes anonymous data on those who follow in the navigation. Continue reading “Lightbeam: Add-on for Firefox that shows who is watching us”

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NiftySplit: A plugin for Chrome that divides the window into two

I have no objection to working with new tabs open in any browser. I personally do not pass a 8-10 tabs open at the same time, among which I’m moving from one to another according to my need. But for other users who do not have as much workload in the browser, could use an extension for Chrome as NiftySplit.


What makes this extension is to divide browser window into two parts automatically. We know that we can simply open another browser instance and size them manually to get the same result set, but it does NiftySplit automatically, from any link we want to differentiate from other content. Continue reading “NiftySplit: A plugin for Chrome that divides the window into two”

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AdBlock Plus now available for Internet Explorer

For a long time users of Firefox and Chrome enjoy AdBlock Plus, the add-in that hidden ads of the web pages. So far AdBlock Plus was not available for Internet Explorer, but since now announces version 1.0, which will work even in older versions of Microsoft’s browser, from version 6.

AdBlock Plus

It must be some caveats, as AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer does not work the same way as for the other browsers. Considering that in the Metro interface is not allowed to install any type of supplement, this new version will not work ad blocker in the Metro environment in Windows 8 and Windows RT. Continue reading “AdBlock Plus now available for Internet Explorer”

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Text Mode for Chrome: displays the websites without any image

In some web sites we are interested in, the information we want to see, is surrounded by a multitude of ads, images, flash animations and videos. In these cases, it is sometimes larger content not relevant that what really interests us, making it more difficult to understand and find the information that we seek.

Text Mode for Chrome

There are some extensions that can help highlighting only the main content of the page, leaving aside everything else. Among them is Text Mode for Chrome, a new extension to load only what we see and nothing more. Continue reading “Text Mode for Chrome: displays the websites without any image”

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Onefeed: Social networking and RSS feeds in Chrome single tab

Onefeed is one of those extensions for Chrome we can not miss if our social life is very active network. What makes Onefeed is to unify all access to our social networks and RSS feeds, in one place, through a well structured interface, although by default only connects us directly to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram, most used social services.


Once we’ve added the extension to Chrome, will open a new window so we can choose which social network we connect. Using a Speed-dial (reminiscent of Opera), we will have at the fingertips all the social sites, to which we can add other links as our Google Drive or Dropbox account. Continue reading “Onefeed: Social networking and RSS feeds in Chrome single tab”

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Values of Google Chrome Flags that can be modified to improve the performance

Not too much to add, when browsing the Internet, the preference for Google Chrome is becoming more marked, a browser that is still the most used by all Internet users. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve Google Chrome in speed and better use of memory and CPU resources, thanks to changes in the values ​​of the Flags.

chrome flags

The Flags are more advanced options of Chrome, some experimental. Google advises to modify these values only if you know it is being done, so modify other values that will give you now, may cause the browser to run worse than before making the changes. The following values ​​that modify will focus on rendering pages through the GPU, the graphics card to free up some working to control the CPU processes. Continue reading “Values of Google Chrome Flags that can be modified to improve the performance”

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The Internet Explorer 11 will come also for Windows 7

Microsoft has decided that the browser version present in the latest version of Windows 8.1 also has its counterpart for Windows 7. As was done with IE10, which finally came to Windows 7 after a few months of waiting, the more recent browser version of the well-known owner of Microsoft also will see the light for the previous operating system, as reported in the Build 2013.


There have not been many details regarding the changes that will be presented to Windows 7, but at least in the latest version 8.1 has been working to improve “significantly” the speed of navigation, and that the browser will use less battery resources in the case of laptops. It also announced new support for WebGL and MPEG dash, which will run more smoothly multimedia content. Continue reading “The Internet Explorer 11 will come also for Windows 7”

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Opera Next 15 with Chrome Engine

You can say that Opera has been a browser unfairly acknowledged, with a low adoption in number of users but with undeniable potential. The latest news we have had with respect to the desktop version, we talked about the way the Webkit engine, the same engine used by Chrome. Next version 15 and uses the WebKit engine, which can be downloaded still under test.

Opera Next 15

One of the main attractions of the new Opera is that it will be fast as their predecessors. Opera people have adopted the protocol of Google pages load, the SPDY, dubbed Off-Road by Opera, practically a new version of what was known as Opera Turbo. Continue reading “Opera Next 15 with Chrome Engine”

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