Google Chrome 27 offers voice search

A few months ago Google was developing more in-depth speech recognition capability in many of its products, especially in the search for content through the browser. They had promised changes on this matter in the future versions of Chrome, which we have available in the latest version of the browser.

Chrome 27 offers voice search

Those who download or update automatically to version 27 of the browser, will find that from the Google search page can now search by voice. Added a microphone within the same search box, which in turn enable the microphone of our computer and where we can search without writing a single word. Continue reading “Google Chrome 27 offers voice search”

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Downloadify (Chrome extension) allowed download music from Spotify

What a surprise have been responsible for the security of Spotify to restrict by any means that users do not download music, whether intentional or accidental. And it is that in the last few hours have been found Chrome extension that allowed downloading MP3 from Spotify music, with a premium account.


The “invention” was the work of a Dutchman named Robin Aldenhoven, who wanted to expose the flaws in the Spotify security system, not encrypt your files in the proper way and not turn any DRM from the player. Downloadify, application created by the programmer, did not last long in the Google store, and it was removed immediately. Continue reading “Downloadify (Chrome extension) allowed download music from Spotify”

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With Chrome you can also open Office documents

Google Chrome is a browser that practically has it all. You can do many more things besides surfing the Internet, thanks to the large number of add-ons that offers, increasing the possibilities offered by the browser. You can open from PDF files to open files or MP3 music without an external program.

Chrome Office Viewer

But one of the few things that could not be done with Chrome was open Office files. Yet now be possible thanks to Chrome Office Viewer that lets you open Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with its different extensions .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx. Continue reading “With Chrome you can also open Office documents”

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Opera: 300 million users and the step to the Webkit engine

Opera Software has been the protagonist two news within the tech world. The first is the announcement that the different versions of the browser have been downloaded 300 million times per month. The second is that Opera will change from rendering engine, adopting the popular WebKit engine.

opera software

Current versions of the browser use an engine called Presto, of self-development. For upcoming releases, change to WebKit engine already used in Chrome, and Safari. The reason for the change is simple, since the presence of Opera on mobile devices is very important, which will attempt to reconcile with the new engine, ahead of Android and iOS. Continue reading “Opera: 300 million users and the step to the Webkit engine”

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Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail

Boomerang comes as a browser extension that is available for both Firefox and Chrome. Its purpose is to increase our productivity with the use of email through three main functionalities: tracking emails that have not been answered, sending email to a particular time and reminder emails that need attention in the future. Let’s look a little more each of these features.


Get an idea of how helps scheduled mail functionality is simple. If you did not use any extension, Gmail shows the button ‘Send’ to send the mail immediately. Continue reading “Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail”

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Opera 12.12 is now available

Opera users can start celebrating, because a new version of your favorite browser is available, specifically the Opera 12.12 version has made the jump to the stable branch.

Opera 12.12 version

This update is recommended for all because it adds stability and improves browser security is why those who want to be free from attacks via exploits should upgrade immediately. Continue reading “Opera 12.12 is now available”

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SlimBoat is a complete alternative browser

The race for search top browsers does not stop and offer alternative browsers or open source is becoming more generous with the appearance of new browsers that seek to reproduce the functions and usage share reached by the big names, be it Chrome, Firefox or IE10.

SlimBoat browser

One of them, is SlimBoat, an alternative browser that has not given failures or problems of instability, which unfortunately is one feature of other similar. Continue reading “SlimBoat is a complete alternative browser”

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Opera: a good browser with many problems

Unfortunately from version 12, Opera has been transformed into a browser that hangs every five minutes and with which it is impossible to use certain sites (like Opera with Grooveshark). Two updates that have arrived later, have done little to solve these problems and now is the third update, 12.11 version.

opera browser

The truth is that operates like a lot. It is the lightest of all (although not the fastest) browser, does not consume tons of memory like the others and starts up very fast. However, when we already have it in operation, the story is completely different. In a browser that could steal to Chrome the first place, if their developers propose is, we go to a browser that deserves to be almost in last place in number of users. Continue reading “Opera: a good browser with many problems”

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Firefox 17 automatically block old and vulnerable complements

By default, Firefox 17 will block all additions that are outdated or that pose a hazard to navigation, and it will be able to completely block all of them, to gain speed.

Firefox 17

Of course with the amount of complements that exist for certain functions, especially in Firefox, not all users will be interested in blocking, but it is certainly interesting that the browser notify you that should be brought up to date and those who are security risk. Continue reading “Firefox 17 automatically block old and vulnerable complements”

Firefox 16 Beta 6

Firefox 16 Beta 6 is the sixth and presumably final beta version of the red panda released and now available for Windows operating systems, Mac OS X and Linux.

Firefox 16 Beta 6

In Firefox 16 Beta, the main novelty, the Mozilla Foundation has improved JavaScript sensitivity by improving its garbage collector. In addition, support also has been included in preliminary VoiceOver in Mac OS X, and also incorporated initial support for web applications. Continue reading “Firefox 16 Beta 6”

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