Fort File Encryption, a new application to encrypt files

The field of security is such a hot state that no user is completely safe. In fact, the ransomware type viruses have become extremely dangerous and when we surf the Internet, we need to take very special care. However, the encryption of files can also become a very good job and totally secure. Especially in those moments when we want our files are safe.

Fort File Encryption

If you want to encrypt your data in an efficient and successful manner, it may be time for you to take a look at Fort File Encryption, a utility that allows you to encrypt the data that you want in your computer. Even you can ensure your entire hard drive of your PC, if it is necessary. Continue reading “Fort File Encryption, a new application to encrypt files”

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Dropbox, thinking in the P2P

Dropbox has become one of the more popular systems of file storage in the cloud. Its success lies in the fact that it starts a large number of new technologies that allow the user’s experience to turn out to be remodeled. It’s normal that people are very interested in the company. Especially when it guarantees a certain security and privacy.


The method of uploading files to our own is quite simple: files are selected, and the application itself is responsible for making the climb. However, the protocols used currently could be particularly slow. Reason why the company is seriously thinking of P2P. This technology could become suitable for improve the system. Continue reading “Dropbox, thinking in the P2P”

WinDirStat: Detect large files that go unnoticed

Not all programs uninstallers provided by deletes all directories and files contained in them, sometimes leave remnants of facilities that must be cleared manually. But it can happen that we have downloaded a particular movie or an image and then forget to erase them. No need to search folder by folder to know where these files have been, WinDirStat comes to our rescue.


The program performs a graphical map and will listing those files of more weight in our disk, starting with the most voluminous. After the initial scan of the disc, we will list the top with all the largest files first and at the bottom the curious graphical map of our disk, where the files are differentiated by colors and cubes proportional to file size. Continue reading “WinDirStat: Detect large files that go unnoticed”

Ares Galaxy Professional, a great P2P client

If you want to download files from the BitTorrent network with P2P client of great quality and speed, then you have to give a chance to new Ares Galaxy Professional, a free downloadable program but with advertising that uses the name of the famous Ares to guarantee us a new era in P2P downloads.

Ares Galaxy Professional

With AGP can share files, download torrents and manage your downloads in a practical and simple through a very slick interface and loaded with tools, even advanced.

The default setting is excellent to start instantly downloads, but users with some experience can make different tweaks to take advantage of the full bandwidth. Continue reading “Ares Galaxy Professional, a great P2P client”

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BitTorrent Sync: Share files P2P at high speed

The downloaded files through BitTorrent clients are going through their best time, each day there are new compatible programs, new features for customers more famous and more users that make the P2P transfer is more powerful and versatile.

BitTorrent Sync

These novelties are to BitTorrent Sync, a Windows application that allows users to synchronize and share files between different computers. Continue reading “BitTorrent Sync: Share files P2P at high speed”

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SyncBox: Keep all your files in the cloud

SyncBox is a file backup service in the cloud like Dropbox, which will enable us to save on external servers all types of files. The installation of the service involves downloading the Syncbox Server program and then the client, of which there are versions for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Android and iOS.


The interesting thing about Syncbox is that offering “terabytes” of storage capacity without paying a single penny, although on its website does not mention how many terabytes we are talking about. Continue reading “SyncBox: Keep all your files in the cloud”


GeekUninstaller is a simple and effective uninstaller application, which has positioned itself as one of the best options in the current software landscape.


GeekUninstaller is free and in addition to the uninstaller program function, the program subsequently removed all traces of these, ostensibly improving overall system performance, can generate HTML reports with a list of all the installed programs, access the registry and search for information about the program in Google. Now you can download the new version of GeekUninstaller with bug fixes and new features.

In GeekUninstaller are improvements in the stability of the program, it fixes a problem where the program did not show some applications and fix a problem with restoring GeekUninstaller window, so it is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

GeekUninstaller uninstaller is a free application that offers advanced features, being without doubt the best alternative to the uninstaller application that incorporates the operating system itself and other veterans program, thanks to its simple interface, easy operation, excellent performance, low consumption resources and light weight, also having the added advantage of being portable (no installation required).

GeekUninstaller is compatible with operating systems Windows 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (requiring administrator permissions to run on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8).

The executable (.exe) of GeekUninstaller works in both 32-bit operating systems such as 64-bit, because it runs natively automatically in 64-bit operating systems

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WinZip 16.5 available: Popular and powerful decompressor files with new version

We already have available for download a new version of this popular file compressor and decompressor: WinZip 16.5. This veteran program uses a powerful compression engine, which also lets you create self-extracting ZIP files, reduce JPEG images size, open compressed files in various formats such as Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA, BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, etc.. Moreover, even allow us to protect our files with a password. You can download the new version from the official website of the program.

WinZip 16.5

In WinZip 16.5 as a novelty, an ultra-fast compression engine is added to make the most of the entire processing system, including greater efficiency achieved in AMD graphics processors and AMD Fusion micros with the latest technology and OpenCL acceleration. It also renews the entire interface of the program, now more attractive, simplified and intuitive. Continue reading “WinZip 16.5 available: Popular and powerful decompressor files with new version”

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PeaZip 4.7: compress and decompress files with this free program

PeaZip 4.7 is the new version now ready for download, this free program and with portable manager version of compressed files.


With PeaZip we can compress and decompress files in an easy way, plus we also used to create files compressed in format 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PAQ, PEA, QUAD/Balz, TAR, UPX, and ZIP, as well as create, convert and extract multiple files at the same time, create self-extracting files, encrypt compressed files and together it. Continue reading “PeaZip 4.7: compress and decompress files with this free program”

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Top alternatives: WinZip/WinRAR

While WinZip and WinRAR are applications that we all have, other applications exist that offer even more possibilities and without having to pay for them.


To unzip all those files we download from Internet the most common is to have applications like WinZip or WinRAR, but these applications are not free, and today somewhat absurd to pay for them. That’s why in this post present the best alternatives to these two applications.

Although to date there is no need WinZip in current machines (the operating system has support for ZIP) WinRAR is still necessary in most cases because the RAR compression format is one of the most widely used on the Internet. So, if we are going to search for an application that will allow us to compress and decompress files this should endure the greatest number of formats, here we will review some of them. Continue reading “Top alternatives: WinZip/WinRAR”

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